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Decorative Painting Techniques - Types of Paint With Special Effects

Updated on July 28, 2014

Paint Effects For Decoration

There are many ways you can use paints to create a decorative effects on any surface. There are also paint techniques that one can use to achieve special paint effect.

Before you start to use paint techniques to decorate a surface such as the wall of your home, make sure to practice the type of paint technique that you want to apply.

Types of Paints that can be used:

These are some of the types of paint you can use: 2 coats of silk finish white emulsion paint, ultra marine blue emulsion (latex) paint that is mixed with water and acrylic scumble glaze.

These are some of the different paint effects that you can achieve while decorating any surface. These are: crackle glaze, frottage, dragging, combing, sponging, color-washing, stone wall effects, powdery paint finish, brushed out color glaze, rag rolling, stripping, marbling plus others.

Types Of Decorative Paint Effects

The types of decorative special paint effects are:

Crackle Glaze Paint Technique

  • Use a coat of any water based matt paint, and brush on the surface. Leave the paint for some time to dry.
  • Be careful with this paint technique as you will have to make sure the brush has much paint on it , because you will only have to lay the paint over the surface and not brush it.
  • If there is any area that you have missed, touch such area with paint when it has dried, and seal the painted surface with acrylic varnish.


Frottage Paint Effect

You will use diluted paint with water and apply on the surface using cross hatched brushstrokes. To see the frottage decorative paint effect, you will have to press a piece of tissue paper over the wet painted area and then peel it off the surface.


Dragging Paint Effect

Use a paint mixture with scumble glaze, using a cross hatched brushstrokes technique by dragging a flat brush through the glaze. Brush over the glaze again to break up the lines so that you can get the dragging paint effect.


Sponging Paint Technique

Using a paint tray, dip a damp sponge into a diluted paint with water. make sure to use kitchen paper to wipe off excess paint from the sponge. All you have to do to achieve the sponging paint effect is to use to sponge with the paint on it to dab on the surface in different directions.


Sponging Paint Tutorial Video


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