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Decorative Residential Mailboxes

Updated on September 8, 2014

Choosing A Decorative Residential Mailbox

Are you looking at some of the Decorative Residential Mailboxes to add the finishing touch to your yard or garden?

Some people might not consider a Decorative Residential Mailbox to be a critical element of their gardening, however in many cases it is. Technically a mailbox is thought to be a yard décor item. For gardener's though, this usually makes it a garden décor item as well.

Since most of us tend to decorate as much of our yard area as we can with flowers, blooming bushes, and colorful or unusual trees, everything we put into that space also acts as a garden décor item too. And mailboxes are no exception to this rule.

In fact, choosing just the right mailbox can really enhance the overall look and feel of your yard and garden area, so taking your time and selecting well will pay off in the end...

My Favorite Decorative Mailboxes

You can add style and uniqueness to your mailbox with decorative residential mailboxes. They come in so many different designs and can give your mailbox the makeover it needs. Say goodbye to plain grey or white mailboxes and say hello to creative and beautiful ones.

The mailboxes below all have one of a kind designs that will really get the mailmen noticing and neighbors wanting.

IMAX 44090 Tauba Mail Box in Copper Finish - Use Multi-Dimensional Utility Box as Document Keeper, Letter Holder, Suggestion Box, Desk Organizer. Accent Piece for Home, Office
IMAX 44090 Tauba Mail Box in Copper Finish - Use Multi-Dimensional Utility Box as Document Keeper, Letter Holder, Suggestion Box, Desk Organizer. Accent Piece for Home, Office

This would have to be the most matter of fact decorative mailbox on the market. It’s designed to look just like a letter envelope and has the word “MAIL” labeled on top. Your postman will never have to guess where to put your mail when you have a mailbox like this. It’s made from 100% zinc galvanized iron sheet and has an old fashioned bronze finish which makes the mailbox look weathered or antique. It measures 12 ¼ inches high, 5 ¼ inches wide and 16 ¼ inches deep.

Solar Group CMH0CB02 Catalina Mailbox with Embossed Hand Painted Brushed Copper Finish Accents
Solar Group CMH0CB02 Catalina Mailbox with Embossed Hand Painted Brushed Copper Finish Accents

For a sleek and sophisticated looking mailbox, opt for the Catalina Mailbox from Solar Group. Its long lasting steel construction has a powder coated finish with hand painted brushed copper finish accents. This mission style mailbox has a large capacity which accommodates larger parcels and magazines. It measures 17.7 by 12.3 by 6.5 inches and comes fully assembled which makes for fast and easy installation.


Delightful Residential Mailbox

Simple elegance is how you can describe this beautiful mailbox. Although its embellishments are minimal, the existing details are exquisite and really add to the overall design of the mailbox.

It features heavy duty concealed cam lock, an optional decorative emblem, a large capacity interior that can accommodate large envelopes and magazines, a long lasting powder coat finish and a warm Venetian bronze color on the main box.

This mailbox measures 13.2 by 10.4 by 4.7 inches.

Salsbury Industries 4460BLK Victorian Surface Mounted Mailbox, Black
Salsbury Industries 4460BLK Victorian Surface Mounted Mailbox, Black

If you’re looking for something a little more on the fancy side then look no further than this Figural Victorian mailbox. It features a heavy duty cast aluminum construction that is weather resistant and long lasting. The entire mailbox measures 5.8 by 15.8 by 20 inches and you also get two keys for the front locking access door. This mailbox will certainly add charm and a historic feel to whatever home they’re sitting in front of.

On The Edge Diamond Plate Mail Box
On The Edge Diamond Plate Mail Box

From a distance it might look like your standard mailbox, but when you get up close and personal you’ll see…yourself? This mailbox features a durable diamond plate exterior which is highly reflective and shiny as well. It’s accented with a bold red arm flag and small red lid handles. The mailbox measures 19 ½ by 9 ½ by 7 inches. You can be sure that this mailbox will last a very long time, after all, diamonds do last forever and that’s included diamond plated items.


Decorative Residential Mailboxes Enhance Your Garden and Landscape Design

Choosing Decorative Residential Mailboxes should not be done lightly. Not only should your mailbox be functional of course, and comply with any local laws you may have, but it should also enhance or compliment your garden in some way too. In fact, a properly decorated mailbox can actually be a small garden display area all on it's own.

Mailboxes can be built into a raised flower bed for instance, so that you'll have colorful blooms and lush vines surrounding it. Some mailbox posts are designed specifically for gardeners actually, and have built in planters attached to them for easy planting of colorful flowers. Some people prefer more permanent mailbox fixtures though, so they build raised brick or wooden flower beds as offshoots of the mailbox itself.

Wall mounted mailboxes are another popular option, because these can be easily mounted in small or confined spaces. A small bit of greenery or vines growing around it will help incorporate the wall mounted box into your overall garden design, or you can simply stencil a garden design on the box instead. Alternatively of course, you might decide to try a more whimsical and decorative mailbox style instead.

A whimsical or Decorative Residential Mailbox often looks like something else. It can look like a miniature version of your own home for instance, or it can look like a bird house. These are wonderful for use in specific types of gardens actually. If you have a hummingbird garden or habitat in your yard for instance, you could install a mailbox designed to look like a birdhouse and it would match the rest of your yard and garden area perfectly.

Buy A Decorative Residential Mailbox - Architectural Mailboxes Coronado Mailbox Bronze with Antique Bronze

Decorative Residential Mailbox
Decorative Residential Mailbox

Choosing A Decorative Mailbox

If you have a rose garden or a romantic and peaceful English garden, you might want to look at the Victorian style mailboxes available. Wildflower gardens can benefit from this mailbox style as well, or you could opt for a country style mailbox instead. These also fit into a kitchen herb garden design quite nicely as well.

If your garden is filled with unique and unusual planters such as an old bathtub or a childrens toy wagon, you might want to integrate that same style into your mailbox design too. Instead of using a boring old wooden post for instance, try mounting your mailbox on an antique pedastal sink instead.

Or create a country or rustic look by putting in an old knarled tree branch for the post instead. Using items like this, you'll not only have an interesting and unique look for your mailbox, but you'll also have something for fast growing flower vines to climb up as well!

Novelty Residential Mailboxes

Golf Bag Mailbox
Golf Bag Mailbox

This is the perfect mailbox for those who love golfing just as much as the love getting their mail. This mailbox is postmaster approved (postmaster probably being an avid golfer himself) so you’ll have no problem replacing your old one with this awesome alternative.

It features a mailbox designed to look just like a golf bag with a lid that has the top of the bag and putters sticking out from it. It measures 6 inches wide, 8 inches high and 19 inches long. All materials used to make this mailbox are weather resistant and durable.


Make A Statement With A Novelty Residential Mailbox

Don’t you just love when something that’s completely mundane and ordinary can become very interesting and the part of your everyday that just makes you grin from ear to ear?

Just in case you have no idea what this is in reference to its novelty residential mailboxes.

While many people have the standard half cylinder shaped aluminum mailbox, there are those who dare to be different.

If you’re tired of your old, plain Jane mailbox then check out some of these novelty residential mailboxes you can get online.

They’ll not only give you something to smile about every time you get your mail, but it’ll also give the mailman something to look forward to every day.

REP Giant Lure Mailbox   Bass  Exclusive Color
REP Giant Lure Mailbox Bass Exclusive Color

There’s something about a bass shaped mailbox that makes you want to take a fishing trip. It must be the very detailed and realistic hook coming from this fish’s mouth. River’s Edge Baby Bass Lure mailbox features a beautifully painted baby bass mailbox which includes a UV protection coating to prevent fading and a tamper proof mounting hardware that’ll ensure your bass will stay on top of the post. This fun and unique mailbox can fit any standard 2 by 4 inch or 4 by 4 inch post.


Love This Rooster Mailbox!

First bass, now chickens. What next, cows? Probably. But you can deny that this rooster mailbox is one of the coolest mailboxes you’ve ever seen.

It takes a traditional galvanized steel white mailbox, adds two feet, a rooster’s head, a feathered tail and a chicken wing on each side and turns this once ordinary mailbox into one that’s extraordinary and pretty amusing.

The tail of rooster is detachable just in case you don’t want to use it. This too is a postmaster approved design and according to a well known fast food franchise, a finger-lickin’ good mailbox.

Farmall McCormick Model M Rural Mailbox with Topper Red by Distel Grain
Farmall McCormick Model M Rural Mailbox with Topper Red by Distel Grain

It might look like your standard mailbox, but the fact that it has a bright red tractor sitting on the top of it makes it more special. This Model M Rural mailbox is not only well suited for farmers and ranch hands, but if you live in urban or suburban settings, then it can also make a great mailbox. It’s made from sturdy steel with a baked on red powder coated finish. The mailbox meets all US postal specifications and is easily installed on your post. The mailbox measures 21 inches long, 8 inches wide and 10 ½ inches high.

River's Edge Horse Trailer Mailbox with Tamper Proof Mounting Hardware
River's Edge Horse Trailer Mailbox with Tamper Proof Mounting Hardware

Horse lovers everywhere can now have the mailbox of their dreams. This Horse Trailer Mailbox from River’s Edge will certainly make you more excited to pick up your mail every morning. The design of the trailer is very detail with wheels and small windows. A red horse replaces the traditional red flag which you would usually put up if you have outgoing mail. You can mount this mailbox on any 2 by 4 inch or 4 by 4 inch post.


Decorative Mailboxes Posts - Complete Your Decorative Residential Mailbox

You may not pay too much attention to the post of your mailbox, but for those that do they know that it can really add to the entire aesthetic of your mail receiver. After all, you wouldn’t want to display such a nice and polished looking mailbox on something rusted, chipped or falling apart.

Decorative mailboxes posts not only make your mailbox look all fancy, but it can add to the entire aesthetic of the front of your home. Check out some of these mailbox posts that you can get online.

Lewiston E1 Economy Mailbox and Post
Lewiston E1 Economy Mailbox and Post

The Lewiston Post features an ornate base with a pineapple finial and a vine like support brace. It has a bronze tough powder coat finish for an elegant appeal and is made from rust free cast aluminum which can withstand any sort of weather condition. The post measures 61 inches high, 10 inches wide and 20 inches deep. Coordinating mailboxes are also available for those who want to keep their mailboxes and posts similar if not exactly the same style and color.


The clean lines and white powder coated finish of this decorative post is just what you need to vamp up your boring white mailbox.

It’s made from 3 inch round galvanized steel tube with a cast aluminum fluted base cover.

This makes it easy for in-ground mounting and conceals any unsightly concrete work making for a clean and flawless installation. The post measures 12 by 8 by 53 inches.

Solar Group APB00000 Aluminum Mailbox Post with Base, Black
Solar Group APB00000 Aluminum Mailbox Post with Base, Black

Fancy, ornate and decorated mailbox posts are all the craze right now. Home owners want to take more initiative to making the front of their homes look welcoming and well put together, which also includes the mailbox. This mailbox post is lightweight and features a one piece aluminum construction.

It has a plastic pot base which enhances stability after ground installation and built in mounting plates for standard sized mailboxes. Two “S” details embellish the center of the post which adds detail and style, setting it apart from conventional aluminum posts.


Which Is Your Favorite Of The Decorative Residential Mailboxes?

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    • pkmcruk profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Cheshire UK

      @Country-Sunshine thanks that's very kind of it and hope you enjoy it if you buy one!

    • Country-Sunshine profile image

      Country Sunshine 

      4 years ago from Texas

      Gosh, I need that rooster mailbox! It would complement my farmhouse, as I have chickens & roosters roaming the yard all day long. Great ideas here, and gave me a lot to think about!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice ideas, but I'd worry about the neighbor kids taking a baseball bat to it.

    • pkmcruk profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Cheshire UK

      @Gamganny: Thank you that's very kind of you and much appreciated

    • Gamganny profile image


      8 years ago

      Love these mailboxes and they are great for residential mailboxes

    • pkmcruk profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Cheshire UK

      @CastleRoyLisa: Thank you that's very kind of you and very much appreciated

    • pkmcruk profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Cheshire UK

      @SandyMertens: Thanks Sandy that's very kind

    • CastleRoyLisa profile image


      8 years ago from Rhode Island

      I love these mail boxes I should buy one for my aunt she lives on a hidden road where kids drive by and destroy them with bats so mean. but these are a wonderful gift idea for her the prices not bad great lens thank you

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 

      8 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      A lot of interesting mailboxes.


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