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How to Decorate Your Room With Dividers

Updated on September 21, 2014

Another Form Of Art That Adds True Beauty & Style To Any Room

Room dividers can be used to add a different look to any room, it is another form of art. It isn't only used to divide an area, although it is used for that also. I am sharing one of many dividers that come in many shapes and sizes.

This one in the picture to the left is one of my room dividers that I have in my dinning room area. I am using it more for a decorative piece than I am for dividing up the room.

I fell in love with this one because I loved the black Asian look with all the flowers and the birds painted into it, I love flowers and birds. I loved it so much that I bought me two of them with a matching end table. More for the design then anything. It adds a look to any room in the house. Like with anything such as pictures etc. Room dividers come in many styles and can be used almost for anything. Anywhere from being classy to being a cartoon the list can go on and on.

Dividers save on space also separating an area can be easy when using a room divider. I am convinced that it is a great investment to make because there are many uses for a divider. I have learned that decorating a room with dividers can actually add and added touch of real art.

Room Dividers - In My Dinning Room

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I used this divider for both corners of my dining room so this is only one of them on one side of the room.This is the other one at the other corner of my room
I used this divider for both corners of my dining room so this is only one of them on one side of the room.
I used this divider for both corners of my dining room so this is only one of them on one side of the room.
This is the other one at the other corner of my room
This is the other one at the other corner of my room

This is a work of art

Something that I would like to use in my daughters jungle room it really adds a jungle look to any room for that matter. This is a divider that I can appreciate. Room dividers can be used to match any room. It is up to one's imagination to use it for about anything Don't be limited.

Here Is A Tip For You

If you can't afford purchasing a room divider there are many ways to make it affordable. You can make a room divider yourself.


I tell you dividers isn't only about space but it is an art to any room. You can make your own too.

Using two old doors and sanding them down. Removing all the paint first then adding the art that you desire or just painting them. Connecting them together with afforable hinges that you can get at any hardware store. Of course in order for these doors to be a portable divider you must use hollow doors.

Don't limit yourself - Use your imagination

You can create your own afforable dividers to your own style or to match any room. Here are some ways to decorate a room with a divider.

  1. You can get a cheap version and add wall paper to the divider to match the painted walls or the room style.
  2. You can use it for photos, pictures and decorative decals.
  3. Putting it next to a wall you can add stuffed animals on the top to give it a style to your child's room.
  4. You can use it for a headboard to a bed.
  5. You can replace it for curtains in front of your window. It can be used to keep the sun out or you can put the divider where some sun comes in but you still have the privacy that you want.
  6. How about using it for a decorative hanger for your rope, coat whatever you choose. Just pin or screw the hook to an area where you would like it to be.
  7. Put an end table in front of it with a nice vase and flowers, you would be amazed how beautiful that will look. You probably have a lot more ideas then I do :).


King Of Rock And Roll - Elvis


You can take a divider like a favorite celebrity and dress up your room in that way. It is fun to see how many things you can come up with when it comes to a room divider it goes with each persons likes and needs to compliment a room and add a certain style to any room. That is what makes it fun.

There are so many dividers out there of course there are to many to show. The 21st century has come along way from the 7th century when the divider first came about from China. To it being asian style to every style imaginable and what is really great is that anyone can use them now, the divider it adds style and also gives space where needed, from businesses to homes not just for royal people and the rich, like the days of old. But for all who wish to own one, no matter what your background is.

Fun for your kids rooms too. They would love it!

Trendy Style

Are a form of art and beauty to meet all your needs. It is an affordable way to go that adds style and space to any place and room. Used for home, office and anywhere it is a popular option for practically anything.

What is your opinion?

Decorative room dividers aren't for everyone, but after reading this lens

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Share your ideas on dividers - Your input can benefit all of us.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      'Tis true true true. Dividers are very practical and also quite lovely. I'm sharing this lens via my networks. Glad we've become acquainted. Thanks to you I updated my Author's Bio on the Celebrate and Cozy magazines. You gave me a great idea!!! Be blessed! :)

    • Gayle Dowell profile image

      Gayle Dowell 4 years ago from Kansas

      I like the look of room dividers, but my house is full with too much furniture to add one to my house.