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Decorative Toilet Seats Novelty Bathroom Ideas

Updated on May 29, 2013

Novelty Toilet Seats To Decorate The Bathroom

Simple Decorative Toilet Seats can add a new dimension to your bathroom, bringing personality, style and color. From a simple floral design to themed beach toilet seats, your bathroom will get a new unique look that compliments your current bathroom theme.

I first came across one of these decorative toilet seats while staying in a motel for work. I wasn't expecting to walk into the bathroom and go 'wow' that's cool. It was a simple beach themed seat and cover with Starfish, shells and sand (Image to the left). When your use to seeing the plain old boring white toilet seat, something as decorative as this really stands out. It gave the boring bathroom a bit of character and the wow factor.

Because I was intrigued by the design and pattern of this motel toilet seat I just had to look into how many other types of funky toilet seats are available. I couldn't really put my finger on which seat was the best, so I just compiled a list of my favorite Unique Toilet Seats which can be found below.

Image Belongs To Lensmaster: Kennys_Online

Totally Different Toilet Seats

Choose Your Decorative Toilet Seat!

Continue reading to see all themed decorative toilet seats or if you have a particular theme in mind already. Simply click on the theme that interests you and you will be taken straight to your chosen section:

Is Your Toilet Seat Standard Size?

Measure between the hinge holes at the rear. It should measure 5.5 inches. To determine whether your bowl is round or elongated simply measure from the front center of the bowl to in between the hinge holes. A standard round bowl should measure 16.5 inches & for a elongated bowl it will be 18.5"

Floral & Decorative Toilet Seats For The Bathroom - Add Style & Personality With These Flower Designs

My partner loves these floral flower designs and to be honest, most of them will actually suit our bathroom décor. But don't tell her I said that, because I personally much prefer the ocean theme toilet seats and I've almost got her convinced the ocean style is the way to go. But that's just my preference and as we are all different in every way, these floral seats might be exactly what your after to finish your project.

Mayfair 1317EC 000 Bouquet Embroidered Soft Toilet Seat with Easy Clean & Change Hinges, Round, White
Mayfair 1317EC 000 Bouquet Embroidered Soft Toilet Seat with Easy Clean & Change Hinges, Round, White

Cleaning the loo could not get any easier then with this flower embroidered toilet seat. The assembly takes about one minute and it's just as quick to snap it off to clean and snap back on when clean. Made in the U.S.A and is perfect for well...almost all bathrooms.

Ginsey Fashion Soft Toilet Seat (Embroidered Butterfly)
Ginsey Fashion Soft Toilet Seat (Embroidered Butterfly)

Lovely Butterflies to match your Butterfly themed bathroom. Soft padded seat which easily detaches for cleaning purposes. For round bowls the dimensions are 16.5 inch and for elongated it's 18.5 inches.

Magnolia Camouflage Mossy Oak Break Up Pattern Toilet Seat
Magnolia Camouflage Mossy Oak Break Up Pattern Toilet Seat

This camo wood design is finished with a strong and durable clear coating. Comes with 6 months warranty and measures in at 2.7inches Height x 17.125 inches Wides x 15.2 inches Diameter. Cool design but not really what suits our current bathroom, but it's one to keep in mind.


Beach Toilet Seats

From The Ocean To The Sand

I love the beach just as much as the next beach lover. Whether it's to go for a swim, surf or simply sit down by the banks and take in the beautiful scenery. There's something peaceful and relaxing about the beach that makes it the ideal location to escape the madness of the world that we all go through every day.

Add a touch of the sea to your bathroom or toilet with these Beach and Ocean Toilet Seats. These toilet seats add a bit of freshness and color to any room. They are also perfect ideas for a toilet in a fish market or fish and chips shop. Customers LOVE them. But best of all, I love them!..

Home Basics Toilet Seat, Mdf Beach

Ginsey Soft Toilet Seat

3D Ocean Series Elongated Dolphin Toilet Seat

3D Ocean Series Elongated Toilet Seat

Beachcomber Toilet Seat

3D Ocean Series Round Clownfish Toilet Seat

Seashell Toilet Seats - Novelty Shell Ideas For The Loo

My 3 year old Daughter loves collecting seashells on the beach, which is why I started thinking about beach and seashell designs for toilet seats. I didn't realize how detailed these are and the fact some even use real shells is amazing. I think my Daughter might finally have a use for all these shells she's collecting over the hotter months.

Home Basics Toilet Seat MDF Seashell Print
Home Basics Toilet Seat MDF Seashell Print

This Seashell Toilet Seat will fit all standard 17 inch rims. Easy to install with step by step instructions. Because it's on the cheaper end of the market, you can opt to buy stronger hinges and bolts for extra durability.


Attention to detail is amazing on this shell and seahorse toilet seat. So much so that the shells themselves are actually real. This is probably my favorite beach edition. It fits standard round seat and measures 14.5 inches x 16 inches. Available in 4 different colors including the pictured clear model, pink, green and blue. This design is probably the closest I found to the toilet seat I stumbled across in the motel. It's definitely one I will consider whether it be for our bathroom now or if we ever move house.

"Sea Isle" Seashell Standard Round Resin Toilet Seat - Sea Shells Ocean Theme
"Sea Isle" Seashell Standard Round Resin Toilet Seat - Sea Shells Ocean Theme

This sturdy resin plastic seashell fits the regular round bowl size and adds the perfect finishing touches to the beach themed bathrooms. Best thing about resin plastic seats is that they are very easy to clean, and it's rare to find good ones like this beautiful design.

Unbranded 900 Shells and Sand Acrylic Toilet Seat Sand
Unbranded 900 Shells and Sand Acrylic Toilet Seat Sand

A nicely laid out 17 inch seahorse and seashell design makes this toilet seat a stand out. Moderately priced and will easily suit any beach themed bathroom. The brass hinge adds the finishing touch and suits it very well.



3D Series Elongated Beach Toilet Seat

This is the best Palm Tree Toilet Seat I could come across online. Vibrant colors and a stunning life like picture of a palm tree and chair place on an island in the middle of the ocean. Perfect for getting away. Apparently this is the latest and greatest in toilet seat technology. Whatever you want to call it, the fact remains it's a quality looking Palm Tree Toilet Seat, oh and it comes with free shipping too.

Leopard Toilet Seat - For Jungle Themed Bathrooms

TOPSEAT 6TS3R1253CP 3D Leopard Wooden Round Toilet Seat
TOPSEAT 6TS3R1253CP 3D Leopard Wooden Round Toilet Seat

For the adventurous type, this Leopard Toilet Seat will get folks talking. Very classy and people will want to know where you bought it. That is of course if your going after a jungle/safari theme bathroom or just simply love Leopards. A leopard is not one of the first ideas that might have popped into your head when looking for decorative toilet seat ideas. But none the less it's unique, and a great addition to the bathroom.

The Leopard design is part of the 3D life like range and the measurements come in at 15.5" Length x 14" Width x 2" Deep. Built from sturdy wood and includes chrome metal hinges and 1 year warranty.



Asian Flying Dragon Bathroom Resin Hard Toilet Seat - Standard Size

A beautifully displayed Dragon Toilet Seat that is built to last. Made from Acrylic Resins, this seat resists cracking, chipping and the uncomfortable splinters you can get from wooden models. Brand new and comes with rust resistant hinges and bolts which are easy to install. Fits standard 18.5 inch bowls and looks terrific in Asian themed bathrooms. A must have for Dragon lovers.

>>See More Images Of This Gothic/Asian Dragon Toilet Seat Here<<

Squarepants Sponge Bob - One The Kids Will Love

Ginsey Spongebob Bubblemania Soft Toilet Seat
Ginsey Spongebob Bubblemania Soft Toilet Seat

I wouldn't have been forgiven if I didn't investigate a decorative toilet seat for our kids. What I found was this cool Square-pants Sponge Bob toilet seat. I don't really know why, but kids just love this sponge named Bob. Note: This seat only fits round bowls, but is soft and padded for extra comfort.


Did you have a particular theme or style of toilet seat in mind? If so feel free to add your suggestions below and any experiences you have had with unique and creative toilet seats. Good or bad, I'd love to hear about them!.

What Funky Toilet Seat Am I Missing? - Give Your Thoughts & Comments

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    • Kennys Online profile image

      Kennys Online 4 years ago

      @DIYHairBows: I like the ocean/sea themes toilets too. I was hoping to find some sport toilet seats for the 'Man Cave' but couldn't find any..Yet!

    • Kennys Online profile image

      Kennys Online 4 years ago

      @RockingChairWisdom: Yes makes me wish our house had more toilets to decorate

    • DIYHairBows profile image

      DIYHairBows 4 years ago

      I like the clownfish - but the seahorse and shells is cute too

    • profile image

      RockingChairWisdom 4 years ago

      A far cry from the 2-holers of yesteryear. Fantastic collection.