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Add An Island to Your Kitchen

Updated on June 17, 2016

Kitchen Islands Add Value and Work Space...

Homeowners thinking of a kitchen remodel often make the serious mistake of under-estimating the amount of counter space they will need. In some cases, it's a matter of not having the square footage in the kitchen itself. Whatever the cause, a kitchen remodel that leaves the homeowner with less counter space than they need is truly wasted time and wasted money.

A Kitchen Island Is Essential

Fortunately, there's a relatively easy way to both increase your working counter top space AND increase the value of your home. A kitchen island does both, and the bang-for-the-buck pay off of a kitchen island makes it one of the most attractive moves you can make when deciding how to remodel your kitchen.

Your Kitchen Island -- Size Does Matter!

Many homeowners are sold on the idea of a kitchen island, but then neglect the most important consideration when moving ahead with the remodeling construction -- SIZE. If you're going to put in an island, then put in a good-sized one!

Size Matters with Kitchen Islands!

Make your island as big as possible. You will use every inch of surface and every centimeter of storage, so think big. A too-small island does not do anyone any good. Do, however, allow for room to maneuver. Pay close attention to where the fridge and dishwasher doors open -- there will be a pinch there, and you need to anticipate squeezing through.

Kitchen Islands and the The Fine Art of Surfacing

One mistake homeowners make is deciding on a surface for their kitchen island based on unrealistic expectations. The island will see a lot of use -- food preparation and homework are just tow of the uses. Your island will wind up with marks from sharpies as well as cuts from sharp knives, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Make the Right Decision for Your Kitchen Island Surface

The best surface for an island is one you can work on, so consider butcher block. You are expected to cut right on this surface, and the grooves and cuts you build up will give your kitchen an air of competence and authority. Also consider putting in a cooking surface or range in your island. This can get expensive but is also pretty handy.

Electricity is Required on Your Kitchen Island

In most municipalities, electricity is required by code in most islands, because they don't want you reaching a cord across to the wall and causing a hazard. This means you really can have a movable or "rolling" island -- but you can have a cart. Just don't callit an island. Call it a cart and you can do what you want.

Electricity and Kitchen Islands

Since there are ways around having electricity on your island, you do have some flexibility here. But electricity is a great thing to have on a kitchen island. You will find yourself using it alot.

Get the Most Space in the Island

Remember to use the space under the counter top! There is tons of room here for cereal, pots and pans, big bowls, whiskey, and so on. Put some cabinets down here and you will not be sorry.

Cabinets in a Kitchen Island

Plenty of homeowners neglect this excellent opportunity to expand the storage capabilities in their kitchen. The island offers a ton of good options for adding below-counter cabinets and storage space.

Thanks for Reading!

I hope these ideas and thoughts have helped you as you make the decisions for your kitchen.

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