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Best Desk Blotters

Updated on March 24, 2011

How often do we notice desk blotters in our offices?Almost never, they make you feel more comfortable and create a comfortable office environment.Most of use even give more attention to desk pen holder than to desk blotters.Desk blotter are very important and useful to have, because they protect your desk, also it´s more comfortable to write on a desk blotter than it is to write on a plain desk.If you have a desk blotter or a desk pad you can use it for a mouse pad also.

Mainly you can buy leather desk blotters from shops, but I don´t like leather desk blotters, so I don´t use them.But it depends from person to person, some like leather desk blotter, some don´t like them.

Desk blotter

A desk blotter that is comfortable and also very durable at once.It´s in a nice size and it looks elegant as well.Just perfect for executives.

Quality is good, it´s not a high-quality desk blotter, but it´s close.It will to the job, it will protect the desk from scratches and stains.It´s very smooth so you can use it for a mouse pad if you need to do that.

Overall a great desk blotter.Since it´s not a leather desk blotter, it has a great price tag, it´s durable and elegant.

Best desk blotter

 At least on my opinion, this is the best desk blotter.This desk blotter protects your desk and it also protects your health.How?Well, it has a antibacterial surface that kills over 90% of the germs in one day.

Another great feature this desk blotter has is that, it is self-healing.Of course if you cut it in half, you will not get 2 new desk blotters.Self-healing means that all the scratches you will make on it will heal in a time.It also doesn´t blind if it´s in the sun.So it is a very durable product.

It has a foam packing, which protects your desk and is comfortable when writing.The size is also great, you can put more than a one paper on it and still feel comfortable.

Overall amazing desk blotter, probably the best desk blotter ever created.It´s extremely durable and very comfortable for the use and the price is also excellent for the quality you get.

See-through desk blotter

You can actually see through this desk pad or desk blotter, depending how you want to call it.And because you can see through it, you can hold important documents under it, so you can keep them in view, in case you need them.

It protect your desk and the papers under the desk blotter, it can also function as a mouse pad.It´s a high-quality product, but actually a little bit smaller than advertised.It´s quite shiny also, but not to shiny.It´s comfortable to write on as well.

Overall a great value desk blotter, which you can use as mouse pad and store documents under it, it´s also very comfortable for the user.


A great desk blotter

 This is also an antibacterial desk blotter that kills most of the gems in a day.It´s also a self-healing desk blotter, so it´s one of the best desk blotters also.

It promotes better handwriting and it´s very comfortable to write on.It´s also made from one-hundred percent natural ingredients.You should also use non-toxic cleaner to keep the desk blotter nice and clean.

Overall a great, one of the best desk blotters.It´s good to write on, it looks nice and elegant, it´s made from 100% natural ingredients and it´s good for your health.Highly recommended desk blotter.


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