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Desktop Organizer

Updated on September 8, 2010

A Desktop organizer helps keep your desk area free of clutter, which makes for a more effectuate work area. There are many different types of desktop organizers on the market such as a wood desktop organizer this would be great for the home based worker. or  a desktop file organizer if you are one the tends to work with a lot of files and documents. And if you are one like me that tends to spend more time on the computer than outdoors then you may need a computer desktop organizer. As long as you choose one for your specific needs to make life easier for you.

Make a basic organizer for a child

How organized is your preschooler ? Teach them the fundamentals of organization.....
Here is a fun project  for preschooler's  to get involved in and at the same time keep organized, this article will show you how to make a basic homemade desk top organizer so if you do go out and buy one you will know what to expect from your new desktop organizer. This is great for kids as it will discipline them in the art of keeping organized and keeping a well kept desk. Great to teach preschooler and you can get them in on the action and help you.

How to Make a Desk Organizer

This is basic stuff you will require and can  be purchased cheap at any office supply store, or shopping outlet. OK you will need a empty tissue box,paper, glue stick,scissors, tape and paper ribbon. Once you have all you items ready we can begin,  i always stress the need to be prepared for any project you take on, it saves a lot of time in the long run. As i said before get the children on the act, they will feel more better if they make the organizer as well and will also gain knowledge on how to use one.

Using a Tissue Box

Take tissue box and clear away any plastic around the opening of the box on the top. At each end you will need to open the flaps so your can seed inside the box itself. You can add your child's favorite photo to the inside of the box if you like. get the photo place it on the inside of the box, with picture facing outwards using the opening of the box as the frame , you can add a plastic covering for protection. Use the top as a base for your items.

Decorating Your Organizer

Once you have cut out the shapes secure the flaps back into the tissue box using tape. Now you can decorate a little, add your favorite pictures to your desktop organizer. You may have magazines that you can cut pictures from and paste it to your organizer. Do this all around the box until it is covered with all your favorite pics. Making sure you keep the holes open you mad earlier for the items to fit in. At this stage you can decorate your organizer how ever you want.

Learning Your Child

At this stage just teach the basics, if you have a pre-schooled than a black coloring pencil, pen , felt, etc........ one of each item will do, the purpose is to teach them the fundamentals of organization and where things should go and that each item goes in it's proper place. OK at the end of your tissue box grab the flaps and start cutting out the appropriate shapes for each item, obviously you wont fit much items in the space you have, so say 3 to 4 on either side will do. Once your child has mastered the art of organization, it will do wonders for them in the future and hopefully pass the tradition on.


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