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DEWALT-DC970K-2-18-Volt-Drill-Driver Review

Updated on November 25, 2013

The search for a great value in a cordless drill is over

Are you looking for a quality cordless drill but don't want to bust your tool budget? Are you looking to replace a drill that died from old age or that you loaned out and never hope to see again? The DeWalt dc970k-2 is a great driver drill that fits the bill. But what makes it so great? Follow along as I explain.

Amazon Dewalt dc970k-2 - Great drill-driver for home maintenance

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver Kit
DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver Kit

I like how the reverse button is not too close to the trigger. Keeps klutz like me from accidentally switching directions.


Features of the dewalt dc970k-2

overview of features

380 watts high performance motor

½ inch one sleeve key less ratcheting chuck.

Two speed range of 450 revolutions per minute and 1,500 revolutions per minute.

Lightweight at 5.2 lb for minimal fatigue

Compact sizing; fits easily in tight locations

2 nickel cadmium batteries that recharge in an hour

Product dimensions are 14.8 x 13.5 x 4.7 inches

Dewalt dc970k 2 cordless drill

What I like about this drill/driver

The dc970k 2 dewalt drill is carefully designed to minimize fatigue by its ergonomic handle and its and it is lightweight. It features a design that is compact, making it easy to use in tight spaces.

The handle is slightly longer than other drills to help balance the weight of the battery to minimize the fatigue you get from an all day furniture assembly session.

The dc970k 2 is powered by a long lasting 18 volt nickel cadmium battery that recharges fast (sixty minutes for a full charge). The battery is capable of running for about 5 minutes of continuous drilling without permanent damage to the battery.

What makes this drill/driver kit a great value is that it comes with two batteries and a hard case when most cordless drill come with only one battery and a flimsy soft case; if it comes with a case at all.

The two speed range allows you to work properly for speed sensitive applications, like plastics, aluminum or thin sheet metal. The key-less chuck grips the bits securely and keeps you from having to track down a chuck key to change bits.

Video review of the dc970k 2

The gentleman that made this video does not normally review tools, but he liked the dc 970k 2 so much he went out his way to publish this review of the tool.


The two batteries allows you to switch batteries during power hungry projects so you can keep working and not have to wait to recharge like you would for a single battery tool.

The nickel cadmium batteries store a charge for a longer period of time than lithium ion batteries and they will work better in cold temperatures than their lithium ion counterparts.

It has batteries that are compatible to your other dewalt tools. It comes with a 3 year warranty which is a show of confidence from the manufacturer. In addition there is the 3 months money back guarantee and a one year contract of free service.

The manufacturer has a reputation for quality products.

It is ideal for use on many tasks such as screwing, fastening and drilling different types of materials that include wood, plastics and metal.

The dc970k 2 sells for $99 which is a steal considering that the list price is $149.

Edit: as of 11/25/2013, the price is now $89.00 which makes it an even better value than before!


The battery is heavy and large making it burdensome to hold in one spot for a long period of time. Although Dewalt's designers did a good job in balancing the weight of the drill motor with the battery, for certain projects and at certain angles, your arms may get a little tired.

The dc970k 2 is more expensive when compared to other drill/drivers with similar features. But like the old saying goes you get what you pay for.

The battery charge time maybe slower than some people like and some users report trouble engaging the speed selection switch.

The body of the drill has more plastic than, say, hammer drills or some corded drills, making the dc970k 2 suitable for home improvement projects and lightweight shop use, like polishing or buffing as well as driving screws or drilling thin metals.

More tools from Amazon - Accessories for the dc 970k 2

DEWALT DW2002B25 #2 Phillips Bit Tip (25-Pack)
DEWALT DW2002B25 #2 Phillips Bit Tip (25-Pack)

Great for kit for assembling furniture (especially if you lose bits like I do)


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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I have become a snob about cordless tools, replacing my current ones with Lithium Ion models. You are the first person to explain that Ni-Cads have some performance advantages over the Lithium. Thanks for some great information.

    • smoothielover lm profile image

      smoothielover lm 4 years ago

      This looks like a good choice - I'll show this to my husband

    • profile image

      Thamisgith 4 years ago

      Cordless is definitely the way to go as far as drills and drivers are concerned.