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Diamond Core Drill Bits Get the Job Done Right

Updated on January 25, 2011

Diamond core drill bits - the right tool for the job

Diamond core drill bits are the only way to go when you need to drill into a piece of glass or other really hard material. These bits are designed to grind into the material and not bite, as do other types of drill bits. Diamond bits are made out of diamond particles that are electroplated onto hard steel. This makes it much easier to cut through several different materials. Some of those materials are glass, ceramic, porcelain and even limestone.

Cutting glass is not an easy task to achieve. With out the proper tool you may end up chipping the glass or putting a crack in it. There are diamond core drill bits for glass that make this an easy task. The tip of the bit is placed on the glass and grinds on the glass until you achieve the cut that you want. A good place to start a search on Diamond core drill bits for sale would be to check the sites on the internet.

One thing to remember about using diamond core drill bits is the speed of the drill. Most of these bits need to be use at slow speeds. This will help to keep the glass from cracking and breaking. Another thing you can do is use some type of lubrication. Water is one of the best lubrications to use for wet diamond core drill bits. By using water this will keep the bit from getting over heated and will also keep the glass or other material you are using from getting hot. This will also help with extending the life of your bits. Do not be afraid to use plenty of lubrication because it is better to have too much than not enough.

A lot of different things come into play when you are using diamond core drill bits. You need to think about the size of the drill, the speed of the drill and you also need to think about the pressure of the drill. There are also the different types of bits to consider. Two of the most common are the core bit and the blunt nose bit. Having the correct tool makes any job a lot easier.


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