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Updated on September 14, 2014


There is so much talk about conserving energy these days. A lamp or light fixture with a dimmer is a fine and relatively inexpensive way to conserve energy at home or at the office, because dimming the light uses less electricity. Also, with a dimmer, you can suggest a restful or romantic mood by just dimming your lights. We have a number of dimmer switches on our walls to control our various lamps and lighting.

Some lamps have built-in dimmer switches. But you can dim many other lamps by adding a dimmer to a wall outlet thus controlling the light output of the lamp plugged into it. Finally, you can rewire a lighting circuit to be dim-able by having an electrician rewire a regular wall switch to be a dimming wall switch.

Also, to achieve the proper dimming effect, be sure that you use the appropriate bulbs in all of your lamps and light fixtures as some types of light bulbs cannot be dimmed.

You can see one of my dimmer switches in this photo - It has a subtle night light feature too!

Dimmable Lamps

These two lamps can be dimmed

Do You Have Dimmers at Home ?

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Plug in Lamp Dimmers - Available in Black, Brown or White

Decorative and Efficient Dimmable Halogen Light Bulbs

Thanks for the Visit - I Hope You Try a Dimmer for Your Lighting

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