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Choose the right dining room rug

Updated on May 19, 2014

Finding a right rug for dining room requires consideration and care. The length and width of dining room rug must be perfect in order to make enough room for sliding chairs in and out. You also have to care about the other pieces of furniture placed in the dining room.

Here are some important pointers that must be considered before searching for a dining room rug:

Take right measurements

Make arrangements for furniture before determining the size of the rug. You must take right measurements in order to ensure that your rug does not cause disturbance due to some cupboard or other furniture piece in the dining room.

Right size is important

Ensure that the rug size includes some room for chairs. Take the table top measurements and add at least 40-50 inches to each side so that you can easily push the chairs while sitting. It causes real irritation if your dining room rug size is not enough and the chair legs keep sliding over the rug edges. Synthetic and machine washable rugs are highly recommended for dining rooms because these rugs allow easy slide of chairs as compare to hand weaved rug.

Match with table shape

The rug shape must match the shape of the table. Round tables look best with round rugs. If you have a square shaped table, then choose a square shape rug. This will give a very decent look and help make an excellent image of the dining room.

Leave breathing space

Always leave a space for breathing between the dining room rug and the wall. Large rugs should be at least few inches away from the wall. In order to make your dining room look larger, generally 20 inches flooring is left uncovered around the room perimeter. This method is highly feasible for rooms with excellent floor tiles that complement the furniture colors perfectly.

Design tips

Purchase a rug with an overall design without medallions for dining spaces in which table is placed in the center but the rug is not in a center position. In this way it would be difficult to analyze the rug center and the borders.

Choose designs wisely

Dining room rugs with bold colors and patterns act as the focal point. Using rugs with small delicate patterns and lighter tones can make the room look very large and broad. Similarly choose splashing rug colors that make your furniture stand out.

Rug colors matter a lot

Rug colors play a very important role in defining a room. You must choose right rug colors to enhance the texture and colors of the dining room furniture. Make the perfect contrasts in order to make your furniture prominent. If you have a long dining table in a narrow room, you can use two rugs and place them side by side for covering the length without any increase in width

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