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Dirt Devil Power Reach Multi-Cyclonic Canister

Updated on February 9, 2013

Dirt Devil Power Reach Multi-Cyclonic Canister

The Dirt Devil Power Reach Multi-Cyclonic canister is a good mid-priced vacuum to consider for your home.

Its multi-cyclonic technology gives powerful suction that doesn't fade as the canister fills.

It's a bagless vacuum, and has a hepa filter to help keep your home allergen-free. It also has the widest floor nozzle of the vacuums I reviewed, letting you finish the job with fewer passes across the floor.

When I researched this vacuum I specifically focused on use for hardwood floors and low-pile rugs. If you're looking for a vacuum that will meet your needs for solid-surface floors read on for the pros and cons of this Dirt Devil vacuum.

The Bagless Canister and Hepa Filter of the Power Reach SD40030 are a Hit

When you think of canister vacuums, do you think of messy bags and dirt blowing through the exhaust? No more! This vacuum's bottom-empty canister gets great reviews for being easy to use and saving money. Add to that the HEPA filter that filters out over 99% of allergens and you have a canister that won't add dust back into your air. All in all, a nice step forward in canister vacuums.

Five Reasons This is the Right Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

I like the Dirt Devil Power Reach Canister for homes with large amounts of hardwood floors. This bagless vacuum is friendly to wood floors and throw rugs, cleans fast, and has a HEPA filter to trap over 99% of dust and allergens. (Allergy sufferers will particularly like that last part.)

Finding the right vacuum when you have hardwoods can be a challenge. You need a machine that can be gentle on your hardwoods and also pull dirt out of those area rugs we seem to like so much. This vacuum can handle both -- read on to learn more.

1.HEPA Filter

Many homeowners put in hardwood floors to reduce dust and allergens in their home. Improve your breathing even more by making sure your vacuum has a HEPA filter, trapping 99.7% of dust and allergens. This vacuum helps you breathe as freely as possible in your home.

2.Multiple Floor Adjustments

Your hardwoods need to be vacuumed without a rollerbrush -- easy as pie since the Dirt Devil lets you turn of its roller brush with the flick of a switch. Your area rugs will be cleanest if you DO have a roller brush. This vacuum has you covered again: just turn the roller brush on and pick which of the 6 height adjustments best fits your particular rugs.

3.13" Floor Nozzle

Nobody wants to spend more time vacuuming than they have to. The 13" nozzle is the widest of the vacuums I reviewed, in some cases a full 3 inches wider. Use this wide nozzle to get the job done with fewer passes of the vacuum, and then go relax.

4.Bottom-Empty Bagless Design

Tired of the expense and mess from vacuum bags? Have you heard friends complaining about how hard it is to empty the bagless canister in their vacuums? The Dirt Devil comes through for you. You'll never buy a bag again with this vacuum, and the bottom empty dirt cup is easy as pie to empty. Hold it over the trash, push the button, and the dirt drops out. Done!

5.Easy Pulling

If you've ever had the 'fun' of pushing around a heavy upright you'll appreciate this vacuum. The weight (16 pounds) is similar to most uprights, but the swivel canisters let it move like a dream. It feels very light as you roll across the floor.

See the Dirt Devil Cyclonic Canister

Unpacking the Dirt Devil to get ready to vacuum!

2 Things I Wish Were Different about this Vacuum

No vacuum is all things to all people, and the Dirt Devil Power Reach is no different. It's a good vacuum for hardwood floors, but could use a longer reach and a separate floor tool.

1.Only a 10 foot reach

If you want to vacuum cobwebs from the ceiling corners you may have challenges. The vacuum hose has a decent reach, but still doesn't have the length of some like the Miele (for example). The length is perfectly fine for most uses. For handling high ceilings you'll want a small step stool.

2.No hardwood floor attachment

Hardwood floor specialists will tell you not to vacuum with a rollerbrush. They recommend a suction-only floor tool to avoid scratching the wood. This vacuum doesn't have a non-roller floor tool. What it DOES have though is the ability to turn off the rollerbrush with the flip of a switch. Vacuuming hardwood floors with the Dirt Devil is fine as long as you turn off the rollerbrush.

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The Dirt Devil Power Reach Multi-Cyclonic canister is a good mid-priced vacuum to consider for your home. Its multi-cyclonic technology gives powerful sucti...

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