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Discount Roman Shades

Updated on January 12, 2013
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Discount Roman Shades

Discount roman shades are a great option in decorating, shading off glare and create a space for privacy. These types of shades can be traced back from regions in the Mediterranean and of Rome where the shades' name originated.

There are many types of discount roman shades which can have assortment of designs, materials as well as prices. But generally discount roman shades are very affordable. There are even discount roman shades that can be custom made that's very affordable.

Key Features and Benefits:

Versatility. Discount roman shades are very versatile types of shades for windows as well as dividers in room spaces. These shades can adapt on many design themes such as tropical, Mediterranean, contemporary and even country-style spaces. This versatility is also seen in its use, not only is it for windows but can also be used in conservatories as dividers.

Easy Installation and Use. The discount roman shades are relatively easy to install and maintain. A simple occasional brushing of the material by the use of a soft brush can remove the accumulated dirt.

High Aesthetic Value. The attractive horizontal patterns and the play of different hues and textures of its material can be a great decorative piece when blended with other items in the space. This is a great option in any functional room in the house most especially in the bedroom, living room and even in bathroom areas.

Long-lasting Use. With proper maintenance, the discount roman shades can actually last for a very long time. This may also depend on the material used.

Easy control on Glare and other Weather Conditions. The discount roman shades allow control over the glare from the sun, drafts and other climatic changes. This is a great way to place on areas where the sun's angle differs during the time of the day. For example on areas where the afternoon sun may fall more brightly than the morning hours. If planning to sleep in the afternoon in that room, a discount roman shade is a perfect device to shade away the brightness of the sun.

Inexpensive. Discount roman shades are very affordable. There are discount roman shades that come in very cheap prices. But having a cheap price doesn't necessarily mean that its quality is compromised. There are very affordable types of discount roman shades that have good quality. It's a matter of finding a reputable dealer for the discount roman shades.

Shop for Discount Roman Shades

Chicology Roman Shade

Gives a custom look with a built in valance for that finished look, Add privacy to your home without losing natural sunlight, Easy to use controls, Up to date child safety standard mechanisms, Includes full hardware kit

Ultimate Waterfall Roman Shade - Linen

The Ultimate Waterfall roman shades bring understated elegance to any space. The woven rayon/acetate material is backed by a polyester/cotton lining for privacy and light control, Corded lift system

Lewis Hyman 0215223 Pecan Havana Bamboo Roman Shade

Inviting relaxation and soothing cool breezes into your home, these natural shades, alternating bamboo slats and premium matchsticks, add a casual elegance to any decor

Coolaroo Roman Sun Shade - Mocha

Coolaroo Roman Sun Shades combine unique knitted fabric with the classic design of Roman shades. Unique, knitted HDPE fabric in traditional Roman shade styling blocks up to 90-percent of damaging UV rays, Weather resistant fabric

Chicology Nevada Oolong Roman Window Shade

This window treatment is durable and easy to install with a built-in valance included to give you a finished look. All hardware is included along with instructions. Also meets and exceeds all safety regulations.

Bali Natural Bamboo Roman Shade

Our beautiful Roman-style Bamboo shades can only be described as the sensible choice. Noted for their rich textures and beautiful colors they also help protect your home against penetrating heat and Winter air, valance and side returns included

Discount Roman Shades

Where to Buy

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Discount roman shades can be a great addition to any type of household and can be used anywhere. There are many affordable discount roman shades that can be bought online as well as in local shops. Be sure to choose a material and design that can be easily matched on the existing area where the roman shades will be placed.

Benefits of Discount Roman Shades

Why Use Discount Roman Shades

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Buying discount roman shades offers many benefits to every home owner as well as those living in an apartments or rental property. Not only do they add beauty to the home but they add a sense of style to the place as well. Additionally installing roman shades can help you control the temperature in your home by blocking out those warm sun rays when it is hot and keeping the heat from exscaping when it is cold.

  • Very Versatile
  • Ease of Installation and Use
  • High Aesthetic Value
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy control on Glare and other Weather Conditions
  • Inexpensive

Discount Roman Shades Video

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