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Disney Cars Room - A Guide to Decorating with a Disney Cars Room Theme

Updated on September 17, 2014

Decorating a Disney Cars Room for Your Child

If your child wants a Disney Cars Room, you will find there are lots of great items and ideas that you can use to decorate one with.

Lightning McQueen, Mater, and all the rest of the gang from Radiator Springs are favorites of many little ones between the ages of 2 and 10. Therefore, they make a popular choice when we think of creating a themed bedroom using them.

Here is a look at some of the great Disney Cars Room Decor available as well as some fun Disney Cars room decorating ideas.

Disney Cars Bedding

The bedding is one of the most important factors when decorating a themed bedroom for your child. You will find that there is a variety of Disney Cars Bedding available.

You can find Disney Cars bedding sets and sheet sets in toddler, twin, and full sizes. You can also find Disney Cars throw blankets and throw pillows to help dress up the bed.

Disney Cars Twin Bedding

Disney Cars Toddler Bedding

If you have a toddler size bed to find Disney Cars Bedding for, you will find that there are several great options available to you. Disney Cars Toddler Bedding sets usually come in 4 piece sets that include a comforter, pillow case, fitted sheet, and flat sheet, all sized to accommodate a toddler size bed.

Disney Cars Furniture

There is plenty of Disney Cars themed furniture to go into a Cars themed kids room. You will find beds, toy boxes, table and chair sets, and more. How about a tool box dresser? Check out some of these cool finds....

Tool Chest Dresser - A Fun Way to Store Clothes

Everyone knows how important pit stops are to race cars like Lightning McQueen. That is why this tool chest dresser is a cute addition to a Disney Cars themed bedroom.

The Step2 Tool Chest Dresser has doors that open and shelves for clothes storage. Because it is a little on the small side, as far as dressers go, some parents prefer to use it to store toys or books or as a nightstand instead.

The good news is it has an affordable price tag!

You can get Free Shipping and a Good Deal on the Step2 Tool Chest Dresser at

disney cars book and toy organizer
disney cars book and toy organizer

Disney Cars Book and Toy Organizer

Two of the hardest things to keep organized in a kid's room is their books and their toys.

This piece of furniture allows you to address both of these issues.

The top part gives kids a place to easily put books a way while the bottom part features four fabric bins that come out for easy toy storing.

Click here to find out more about the Disney Cars Book and Toy Organizer

Making Your Own Disney Cars Furniture

Decoupaging is a great way to turn a plain piece of furniture into a Disney Cars piece of furniture. All you need are some pictures of Lightning McQueen and the crew and a few other items. This Youtube video shows just how simple the project can be!

Disney Cars Giant Wall Decals
Disney Cars Giant Wall Decals

Disney Cars Wall Decor - Something Cool and Easy

Roommates Rmk1518Gm Disney Pixar Cars Lightning Mcqueen Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decal
Roommates Rmk1518Gm Disney Pixar Cars Lightning Mcqueen Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decal

If you are looking for some Disney Cars Wall Decor to make the walls fun and exciting, the Disney Cars Giant Wall Decals are a great option. You can get these wall decals for under $20 and are two to three feet in length so they will cover quite a bit of wall space.

Both Lightning McQueen and Mater are available in these giant wall decals. They are easy to put up. You just peel and stick them to the wall. And if you need to move them, they are easy to relocate and don't leave behind any residue.


Disney Cars Wallpaper Border - Cars Wallpaper Border Options at Amazon

One very popular option for a Disney Cars room is wallpaper border. This is an easy and fun way to quickly jazz up the walls.

Wallpaper border is quick and easy to install. If you have never done it before, you might want to take a few minutes to view a how to video on youtube before you begin.

Disney Cars Lamps on Amazon - Lighting Options for a Cars Room

There aren't a lot of Disney Cars Lamps out there to pick from. If you can't find something that suits your needs, you might want to consider purchasing a plain lamp base and decoupaging it with pictures of Lightning McQueen, his friends, and scenes from Radiator Springs.

Make Your Own Disney Cars Lamp!

This video from YouTube shows you how to make a custom lamp shade using fabric or wallpaper. This allows you to customize any lamp you buy for your room. You can purchase Disney Cars fabric at many craft stores that carry fabric. Check Hobby Lobby and Joann's. You might also be able to find some on eBay.

Disney Cars Fabric on eBay

Fabric is not only good for decorating lamp shades but can also be used to make window treatments, throw pillows, and other decor for the room.

Disney Cars Rugs

You don't necessary need a rug for your child's room, especially if it is carpeted, but it can be a nice addition especially if it is a play rug that they can run their toy cars around on!

Disney Cars Curtains and Window Treatments

Here are some of the Disney Cars Curtains and Window Treatment options available.

More Disney Cars Room Decorations

More great Disney Cars Room Decorations that you can buy at Amazon

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    • legomanultra profile image

      legomanultra 5 years ago

      We used to have our son's room decorate in Cars before he went all "Super Hero Squad" on us. Awesome lens!