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DIY Landscaping Ideas & Projects For Beginners

Updated on August 22, 2014

Save Money & Build Equity: Landscape Your Home Yourself

Sure, the real estate market isn't screaming hot like it once was. Actually it's quite the opposite but fortunately for you there is a way to support real estate value and to improve on your home even as you wait for price appreciation to resume once again.

Simple DIY landscaping projects can add curb appeal and equity to your home and they can be done yourself saving you plenty of money on labor charges. Get your hands dirty. There are plenty of ideas and beginning landscaping tips below.

Landscaping: The DIY Guide to Planning, Planting, and Building a Better Yard - My Favorite Resource For DIY Yard Maintenance & Beautification

There are tons of books available for DIY landscaping tips. Many more resources cover various types of landscaping projects in great detail.

This book by John Kelsey was recently published (early 2012) and is targeted at the beginner directly. If you've never done much in the way of yard work or landscaping then this is the book for you.

Increase Home Equity by Doing It Yourself

Landscaping Projects

How can you save money by doing it yourself? Labor charges comprise the bulk of most projects that just about anyone can do if given a free weekend. Typically the tools required are basic, the materials requirements are slim, and the hours required ore few. This means that hiring out a contractor you will be paying almost the exact same amount plus compensation someone for doing the work for you. Considering these jobs are fairly small the markup for labor costs can be substantial on a percentage basis of of total outlays.

By taking the time to do a job your self you can effectively add to home value because your costs are far lower. The investment in money pays off much quicker as total expenditures are far less. Plus, if you take the time to do a job right the landscaping will last for years upon years providing lasting beauty and equity to you home. Even in times of soft real estate markets a nice yard well maintained is worth more than the opposite.

Landscaping Projects

What You Can Do Yourself

So what kinds of landscaping projects can you do yourself? Most are the kinds that you ordinarily think about but don't necessarily add value to a home. Some however are projects that are less likely considered to by DIY though they really are. For instance leveling the slope of a hill in your yard with a concrete retaining wall is generally though of as an advanced project however most retaining walls can be built by hand with little more than a shovel, a strong back, and concrete retaining wall building blocks. It's almost like Legos for outdoor home improvement.

Other jobs that are within most people's grasp are installing landscape lighting as many systems don't even require wiring of any kind. You just stick your lamps in the ground and move on with your life. Building simple planter boxes and resurfacing and stamping your concrete walkway are further options that take little more than a day or two.

The point is that all of these landscaping projects (and many others) require low levels of monetary investment but yield positive results for years upon years. The equity builds over time even in periods of slow real estate growth. Take the opportunity today to support your home equity with a DIY landscaping project on your next long weekend.

Landscaping & Curb Appeal

Resources for Further Information

The author often writes about various DIY landscaping and home improvement topics. For more ideas please review the following article: Improve Home Value With These Simple Home Improvement Projects.

Do You Have Any DIY Landscaping Tips? - Leave your tip below.

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