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DIY: How to Make Your Own Door Wreath

Updated on September 13, 2017
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Coca Cola addict trying to create useful content for the crowd. Comment if you find any of my content useful or if you have moderations :).

How to make your own door wreath in just a few steps

We all know how it is: How wonderful it is to be in a room with fresh flowers and plants. We decorate our home with small vases, candle racks, and other decorations.

All to create some sort of cozy atmosphere and to give our home a personal feeling so that we feel at ease when we are home. Some decorates their outdoor spaces as well with the same purpose in mind. Do you decorate your home, too?

Maybe you décor your terrace, your front yard, the balcony or your front door? It’s so nice to welcome guests with e.g. a flower wreath on the front door at home.

Here’s a guide on how to make your own flower wreath to decorate your door(s) with throughout the holiday or the rest of the Winter.

Note to self: Don’t use glue from a glue gun as it is not resistant to the cold and damp weather outside.

This is what you need

You’ll need:

- Pruner
- Thread snipper
- Branches
- Various materials from the woods or your garden: Cones, mash, leaves, berries, houseleek
- Spruce/pine, juniper berries, silk pine
- Wooden sticks
- Elephant wire
- Floral wire (in a color of your own choice)
- Ribbon

This is the materials you'll need to make a beautiful door wreath.
This is the materials you'll need to make a beautiful door wreath. | Source

Get started

When you get started, it is important that you make sure that the wreath’s materials is directed clockwise as much as possible. Or technically, it is the visible ends of the branches that point clockwise.

This is to make the wreath look more harmonious.

It is not super important that the wreath is even in width all the way round. We’ll compensate for that with the decorations later.

TIP: When all the materials are fastened together, you have to make sure that they sit tight and firmly. A door wreath is exposed to all kinds of weather so it must resistant to both reign and windy weather without falling apart.

Have you ever made a door wreath before?

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Step one.
Step one. | Source
Step two.
Step two. | Source

1. A simple and natural door wreath

Option number 1: A natural and simple door wreath.
Option number 1: A natural and simple door wreath. | Source

This solution leaves the wreath simple with just a few decorations and some moss and silk pine. Tie up the moss and pine with the floral wire which has also been used to shape the wreath.

The wreath gets a lovely shiny effect when you use floral wire which gives the wreath a more modern look in contrast to the raw nature-look it usually has.

When the wreath hangs outside, it will keep its look for a long time as the materials won’t perish until after months has passed. And when that time comes, the wreath should be replaced anyway.

Option number 2: Door wreath with small apples.
Option number 2: Door wreath with small apples. | Source

This solution has more materials on it than the first one. I’ve added some larch branches and larch cones – and small apples which are fastened with elephant wire.

The apples add a certain kind of warmth and color to the wreath which is perfect for the holiday season.

However, you should be aware that the apples might need to be replaced regularly as they will perish faster than the other materials – or the birds might eat them. But it is no problem replacing them if you just use some elephant wire to “impale” the apples and wrap it around the wreath.

3. Door wreath with ribbon and houseleek

Option number 3: Door wreath with ribbon and houseleek.
Option number 3: Door wreath with ribbon and houseleek. | Source

If you like the more classic look better, you can decorate the door wreath with a ribbon. Still, to give the wreath a modern look, you could choose a ribbon made of wool instead of silk.

The wool matches the natural colors and the matte finish of the other materials. And it is easy to wrap around the wreath, too.

The houseleeks catch the eyes and will keep their looks for a long time when outside. Add the houseleeks by impaling them with either elephant thread or small wooden sticks.

Good luck!

Good luck on making your own door wreath!

This is just as much a step by step guide as it is meant for inspiration so feel free to to things differently if you like.

© 2017 Simon Hedegård Hansen


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