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How To DIY a Scandinavian Inspired Home On a Budget

Updated on May 24, 2016

THE HEM (HOME – in Swedish)

Scandinavian homes are primarily simple, bright and airy. The strong use of wood in furniture and floorings brings a bit of nature into these living spaces, making them surprisingly warm and welcoming. It counters the barren feel otherwise associated with clean, minimalist interiors, and provide balance.

Even though this features dark walls and dark furniture, the use of large windows invites plenty of sunlight and the white flooring in turn, reflects the light throughout the entire room.
Even though this features dark walls and dark furniture, the use of large windows invites plenty of sunlight and the white flooring in turn, reflects the light throughout the entire room. | Source

Get the Look

Part of the appeal of Scandinavian interior designs are the streamlined furniture chosen, this keeps everything looking neat and organized. Clutter concentrated at a spot in the room creates a focal point (center of attraction in the room), however avoid having too much of everything widely spaced around. Create breathable space.

While most homeowners might prefer using pale woods against white painted walls, there is also the other Nordic option of going with a more rustic feel. Pair deeper-toned woods with an even darker wall, however, make sure that there are still plenty of whites and big windows letting in a good amount of sunlight to illuminate the entire house.

DIY Vases, click for tutorial!
DIY Vases, click for tutorial! | Source
DIY Hemp Lamps, click for tutorial!
DIY Hemp Lamps, click for tutorial! | Source
Tree branch clothing rack
Tree branch clothing rack | Source

Furbishing on a Budget

Pieces in the house do not necessarily have to be from the high street. You can simply get yourself in gear and create some home décor with discarded items or re-purposing old objects. Remember what you were taught in school? Re-use, Reduce and Recycle!

Hemp lamps can sometimes cost a small fortune, especially from designer brands. But you can DIY your own with balls of various sizes and hemp string. This makes them extremely customizable and will not break the bank. Check out this nifty tutorial one how to make one!

Tree branch clothing racks are an interesting fixture to have in the house, they go with the woodsy theme of your Scandinavian home and you spend next to nothing getting these. Have a little scavenger hunt around beaches, and you will definitely come across beautiful pieces of driftwood or branches in all their most natural form.

Depending on how you would like to style your house, you could either leave the branches au naturale, stain them with wood stain, paint them in a solid color like white or even draw patterns (like stripes) on it.

Play with colors and patterns.
Play with colors and patterns. | Source
Add some (plant) life!
Add some (plant) life!

Inject Your Unique Style

A house simply would not be a home if personal touches were not incorporated. Art accents could be added to provide your room with more personality and a pop of color immediately gives it a bit of quirkiness.

Here are some little things that you can place in your Scandi-inspired home.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Play around with textures, colors, patterns and so on. Add interesting carpeting to create another layer in your home.

Terrariums are an amazing choice if you would love to have some greens around but have got little the time to fuss over your plants. They are low-maintenance and whimsical, perfect for a busy homeowner.

Paintings and printed posters are also great ways to spice up your living space. To go inline with the simple and homey feel of a Scandinavian styled home, opt for prints that are minimalist and sharp. Even a framed page of a children's picture book can be a cute piece, as long as they are not too complex.

Those are just some of the ideas you could implement, and the gist of how to achieve a Scandinavian influenced home. Pinterest is a great site to scour for design ideas, another personal favourite of mine is to just head straight down to the nearest IKEA and have a browse? "Borrow" some ideas and make them your own (psst, do not forget the Swedish meatballs while you are there!)

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