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150 DIY Wall Art & Décor Ideas | Painting Projects and Fun Craft Tutorials

Updated on February 16, 2016

A Huge Roundup Of Home Decorating Inspiration

If you stare at your walls or floor at home and think they could do with some character or decoration, then you are in the right place. I have compiled a list of the best wall and floor art tutorials on the web so that you can add character and unique personality to your home.

The decoration ideas include step-by-step instructions for simple canvas paintings, plus wall stencils, DIY rugs, and a lot of impressive art that people won't believe you have made yourself! There are also tutorials for decorative painting patterns such as hexagons, stripes, chevrons and Moroccan styles so you can follow the current trends.

I hope you find this page very inspiring for creating your own homemade art :-)

Crafts Display

Cross stitch framed work, and embroidery and patchwork fabric showcased inside embroidery hoops. A lovely display to showcase a variety of crafts.
Cross stitch framed work, and embroidery and patchwork fabric showcased inside embroidery hoops. A lovely display to showcase a variety of crafts. | Source

Top-Rated Home Décor Books

For wall painting inspiration, DIY artwork advice and excellent home décor ideas, books are an excellent resource:

Wall of Mirrors


DIY Stencilled Fabric Hanging


What you will need:

* 2 x Wooden dowels/rods; strong enough to hold up the fabric, so at least 3/8" diameter.

Each wooden stick will need to be approx. 2" longer than the width of your fabric hanging. There isn't really a limit to how big you can make your hanging so this part is up to you to decide :)

* A rectangular piece of plain, medium-weight fabric

Canvas is a good choice, as is calico. Try not to choose anything too thin - you shouldn't be able to see through the fabric at all. In this example I will use white fabric, but again the choice is yours.

* A sewing machine loaded with thread that matches the color of the fabric OR a needle and thread OR superglue/hot glue

* Paints; It doesn't really matter what kind of paint (acrylic, fabric etc.) you use, but the colors should be solid and opaque, and all 3 should preferably be the same type.

I will be using 3 different colors - pale yellow, light gray and dark gray - in my example but you can use a different number in your design if you wish.

* Sharp scissors

* Stenciling brush or foam brush

* Contact paper

* String

* Hand saw

* Sandpaper (optional)

* Stapler

* Craft knife and cutting mat (optional)

For this example I am making a 'smile' design with a sunshine pattern, however you may create a different pattern if you want to - using the following technique.

- First hem your piece of fabric on each edge to stop the fabric fraying.

To do this, fold each edge of the fabric over by about 1/2", then iron/press this fold into place and sew in a straight line along this edge. A blind hem stitch is the best hem to do because it means that the stitches won't show on the front, however it doesn't matter too much because you will be painting the front anyway.

If you don't have a sewing machine, you can hand sew, or you can glue instead of sewing by spreading glue underneath the folded-over hem and pressing down.

- Next, cut the 'S', 'M', 'I', 'L' and 'E' letters out of contact paper with a craft knife (or scissors if necessary). To do this, print out the word 'smile' in the font and size you want, and use this as the template. The contact paper side (rather than the peel-off backing side) should be facing up underneath the template, and you would be best to staple the template to the contact paper in order to keep them together so they don't move.

- Once you have cut the letters out, they will be used as stencils on your fabric piece. So peel the backing off each letter and stick them securely onto your fabric where you want them to go.

- Use your first paint color (in this case pale yellow) to paint over the whole of the front of the fabric and stencil. Try to stipple the paint with the brush around the stencil rather than brushing across the area, as this will better prevent paint from going underneath the contact paper.

- Let it dry completely (but do not remove the stencil).

- Now it's time for the next stencil, so do the same as with the letters but this time with a sun shape. Stick the cut-out shapes onto the fabric and apply the next layer of paint (light gray). Let it dry.

- Last round of stencils now; add a polkadot background by cutting circles out of the contact paper and sticking them, evenly spaced, over the fabric.

- Apply dark gray paint all over and leave to dry.

- Remove all of the contact paper stencils.

- Sand the ends of the wooden dowel pieces so they are smooth. If you have not cut the dowel into pieces yet, you will need to use the hand saw to cut 2 pieces of dowel of equal length. The length should be a bit (about 2") longer than the width of the fabric hanging.

- Fold over approx. 1" of the top edge of the fabric onto the back side and sew (blind hem stitch again if possible, as in the first step.) Before you secure this fold though, make sure one piece of the dowel can slide through the loop you are creating.

- Do the same for the bottom edge of the fabric and insert each dowel length into each fabric channel you've created.

- Cut out a length of string and tie each end to the uppermost piece of dowel, by knotting it securely onto the dowel sections sticking out of either side of the fabric.

- Hang this string onto a nail on your wall.

- Finished!

Mosaic Wall


Paint Chip Art


Wall Art & Wire Sculptures

In case you are looking for wall décor to buy rather than to DIY, I've picked out 2 options here which have received excellent reviews on Amazon:

Painted Tree Art


Stencils, Paint & Transfers


If you have some artistic talent, you can create some fantastic canvas art using paint, stencils and typography transfers. And if you don't have an artistic bone in your body, you can always paint stripes using masking tape to keep the lines clean and straight - or just throw paint at the canvas and hope for the best :)

Photo by Mae Chevrette.

Stretched Canvases & Art Supplies

Brushes, paint, canvas and stencils can all be used to great effect when making your own artwork for the home:

Sectioned Canvas Wall Art


The bamboo grid and pretty cherry blossoms give off exotic Asian vibes.

Photo and art by Adorkable Duo - Click here for the tutorial.

Embroidery Hoop Display

f you don't have any old t-shirts handy, any fabric you like can be displayed in embroidery hoops like in this pretty example.
f you don't have any old t-shirts handy, any fabric you like can be displayed in embroidery hoops like in this pretty example. | Source

Ceiling Flag Display


Vertical Wall Garden

Keep your potted plants in hanging wall pockets for an indoor garden!
Keep your potted plants in hanging wall pockets for an indoor garden! | Source

Atlas Map Wall

Wall covered in 1960s atlas and encyclopedia pages.
Wall covered in 1960s atlas and encyclopedia pages. | Source

String art

I love string art because you don't need many materials and you can create some great images and message art with the technique. And hitting in a load of nails is pretty fab for stress too :)
I love string art because you don't need many materials and you can create some great images and message art with the technique. And hitting in a load of nails is pretty fab for stress too :) | Source

Hanging Quilt


A homely and cosy decoration for your wall.

Click Here for information on making your own quilt.

Photo and quilt by Terrabyte Farm.

DIY Art Videos

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      love these ideas

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      Amazing ideas and pictures, so inspiring! I wish I were more organized to sit and do any of it, I wish I had smooth walls so I could stick something on them (my walls are covered with some rough paint so I need some special tape to stick a piece of paper on it...)

      It looks like the ceiling-flag display is the only one I've got :)

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      Great ideas, thanks for sharing!!!

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      I really love these fun and decorative ideas for the home.

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      soooo many great ideas

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      Thank's for this lens!! :)

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      I like the art wall idea as well as the Polaroid idea. I haven't used a Polaroid camera since I was a kid, but I think I'll get one now.

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      some of these designs are very cool and inspirational. good job

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      Wow! Plenty of great ideas here. My fav is the mirror wall art, simply and elegant. That journaling wallpaper would be kind of cool in a home office or personal space. Have a beautiful day and thanks for the great resources.

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