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Do Shamwows Really Work

Updated on December 27, 2012 / CC BY 2.0 / CC BY 2.0

Do Shamwows Really Work?

The question is posed do Shamwows really work? In any TV commercial the skepticism of what is being shown is normal. Still, most work as advertised we viewers just have realize what we see and were told, rather than what we perceived.

Shamwow's (aka a shammy towel) really do work as advertised, but of course the advertiser's are not going to show you the negatives of the towel.

The main negative is that it is not as absorbent as a regular bath towel on first use. A nice fluffy bath towel will probably absorb more liquid, more readily than a Shamwow when first used. However, after the towel is used once it is done until it dries again.

The value of a Shamwow is not in its initial absorbency but in its longer lasting usage. Notice in the commercials and trade show demo that the Shamwow will sit and soak up a mess while the pitchman is talking. This is opposed to where a normal cotton towel can merely be placed and lifted up to soak up a mess.

However, what comes next is where Shamwows really begins to shine. Because it is made of synthetic microfiber and its weave, it expels liquid much more thoroughly than a normal towel. It is ready to be used again and again after each wringing. A regular bath towel is done soon as it is soaked, Shamwows are only getting started.

Also, by its design the wetter it gets the better it is at absorbing the next use. This is what makes it great for emergency clean-ups like flooding or spills. Also, it makes great use in absorbing liquid from other materials like carpet. Ever used a regular towel to clean a spill on a carpet, step on it to have it absorb more, and the towel only pushed liquid back up? Again a regular towel can only be used once even after wringing. Shamwows can be used again and again to pull up spills (or flooding) on carpet or floors.

Answering the question of "do Shamwows really work" is that they do work and work well. However, let's not get our perceptions in the way. A simple spill on the kitchen counter may be instantly wiped away with a kitchen towel, leaving one to perceive that the Shamwow is not as good. But try using the kitchen towel a major flood on the carpet because rain got in an open window. You would even think of trying with a kitchen towel, but one Shamwow can have that carpet in a state of drying instantly.

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