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Doctor Who Bedding

Updated on April 6, 2014

Out of this World Doctor Who Bedding for Time Travelling Dreams!

Whether you're decorating a themed bedroom for your child or simply want to snuggle down with a Dalek, there is a great range of Doctor Who bedding out there to satisfy Whovians young and old alike!

Browse the great range of Doctor Who duvets, pillow cases and bed throws available both in the UK and USA, to help you choose the perfect design for your room and enjoy some TARDIS-inspired time travelling dreams!

Photo Credit: Doctor Who Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Cyberman Design

Doctor Who Bedding Sets

Coordinating Duvet Covers and Pillow Cases

There is a fantastic range of Doctor Who bedding and bedroom accessories available, from single duvet sets that are perfect for your Tardis-mad kids, to bedding sets and throws that even grown-up hardcore Whovians will love!

First of all, let's look at the bedding sets available. There are several duvet and coordinating pillow designs, as well as throws, blankets and cushions! In the past, there have been valances, ready beds and other items as well, so it's worth checking out the ranges below to see what is currently out there to buy.

Eager to get purchasing for your bedroom "space"? Click to view a large range of Doctor Who bedding and curtains, including Dalek and Cyberman patterns, or read on to browse the current designs.


Zap Dr Who Strategist Single Duvet

Zap Dr Who Duvet Set, Single

Above left to right: Tuck them up with Dalek dreams... this single duvet cover is reversible and matching pillowcase showcases the show's greatest enemies in all their glory. Or opt for the bright lights of the logo and montage of aliens and enemies, with the perfect backdrop of course - the TARDIS itself. Also comes with a matching pillowcase.

If you are looking for Doctor Who bedding as part of a themed Doctor Who room design, then you have to check out this page on Doctor Who Bedroom Theme and Bedding, which covers absolutely everything you need to create a Whovian's dream bedroom!

Snuggle Up with a Dalek...

Dr Who 'Strategist' Rotary Single Bed Duvet Quilt Cover Set
Dr Who 'Strategist' Rotary Single Bed Duvet Quilt Cover Set

US Doctor Who fans will be delighted with this single bedding set consists of a duvet cover and pillow case, featuring a very cool Dalek design. Officially licensed and machine washable, it will entice your kids into bed to dream of adventures in the TARDIS in no time!


Hunt Down Those Duvets...

Bedding sets, duvets or pillows out of stock on Amazon? Hunt them down on eBay instead. Look for new or second hand sets, or you might even find some vintage gems, too!

Doctor Who Bedding Accessories

Hunt Down Pillows, Throws, Blankets and More!

Fancy a TARDIS on the pillow or a cosy throw bedecked in a stunning DW montage? Then you're in luck!


Below left to right: Superb TARDIS detail pillow case (see the matching cushions in the next section) which can be personalised with your own photos and/or text! A Whovian dream to lay time travelling heads upon...

Personalised Dr Who Tardis Box Pillow case 40x60 (UK VERSION)CHECK PRICE

Personalised Dr Who Tardis Box Pillow Cover 16x24 (US VERSION)CHECK PRICE


Below left to right: Exterminate! This cool Upgrade Fleece Blanket is officially licensed and is perfect for keeping Whovians cosy whilst watching their fave episodes. Or perhaps they would prefer a Cyberman to snuggle up to? This second great fleece blanket that can be used in the car or out and about as well as in the bedroom.

Dr Who Upgrade Fleece Blanket, Blue

Zap Dr Who Cyberman Fleece Blanket

Finally, keep the kids extra cosy with this brilliant sleeved snuggle blanket, for ages 3 and over. It features stamp-style Dalek and TARDIS designs with "Exterminate!" and "Disintegrate!" slogans.

Dr Who Dalek Exterminate Blue Red Snuggle Fleece Blanket OFFICIAL

More Doctor Who Fleece Throws - (USA Designs)

While America doesn't quite have the same range of bedding available as in the UK, you guys more than make up for it with these fabulous fleece throws! Gorgeous designs to satisfy Whovians and the reviewers all agree - made of the softest of soft material!

Doctor Who Cushions

Cushions are great for adding an extra dimension to a bed, extra support for those wanting to sit up and read or watch the good Doctor, flopping on, or even for a good old fashioned pillow fight! And if that isn't enticement enough to invest in one or more of these superb DW cushions, how about some cool effects integrated into some of them too? Read on to find out more!

Dr Who 'Time Traveller' 45 X 45 cm Cushion

Dr Who Home: Dalek and Cyberman Cushion

Dr Who Police Box Pattern Cushion/ Pillow case 45x45

Above, left to right: For a subtle Who effect, the first cushion design blends the colour scheme nicely with just enough DW visuals, with the swirly TARDIS pattern. I personally love the retro look of the centre cushions, featuring Dalek and Cyberman designs, and I think the red really stands out, making a change from the usual blue. These would look great on chairs in the bedroom or even in your living room! Finally, add some TARDIS style to your bed with the gorgeous final choice of cushion. A pair of these scattered on the bed either side of a matching pillow (or alternative Dr Who pillow) would look amazing!

The Amazing TARDIS Cushion!

Doctor Who Throw Pillow - Dr. Who TARDIS Plush Cushion with Light and Sound - 20" Tall
Doctor Who Throw Pillow - Dr. Who TARDIS Plush Cushion with Light and Sound - 20" Tall

You really can't get much cooler when it comes to cushions. Not only is this delectable velveteen, embroidered cushion soft and begging to be snuggled up on, ready to dream of adventures in time and space, but it also features a lantern that lights up and makes sounds from the show when you press the keyhole!


More Super Cool Cushions for Whovians

Doctor Who Throw Pillow - Square Dr. Who TARDIS Cushion - 16" x 16"
Doctor Who Throw Pillow - Square Dr. Who TARDIS Cushion - 16" x 16"

A beautiful 16x16 velveteen cushion with embroidered TARDIS detail and a blue black reverse. Would make a very stylish addition to your bed, or even your sofa!

Doctor Who Dalek Shaped 18.5" X 14" Dalek Shaped Cushion with Sound and Light
Doctor Who Dalek Shaped 18.5" X 14" Dalek Shaped Cushion with Sound and Light

Wow! This out of this world embroidered velveteen Dalek has a light-up eye that makes sounds when you press the Dalek's arm. Don't fall asleep and have nightmares now...

Doctor Who Police Box Pattern Pillow Cover 18x18 , Pillow Cases , Decorative Throw Pillow Covers , Cushion Covers
Doctor Who Police Box Pattern Pillow Cover 18x18 , Pillow Cases , Decorative Throw Pillow Covers , Cushion Covers

18x18 cotton/polyester cushion also in the style of the TARDIS police box. Scatter one, two or a few of these across your bed or sofa and voila! Whovian style in an instant.


Plumping your Pillow with the Good Doctor?

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More Doctor Who Bedding Ideas - Official and Custom Blankets, Cushions, Pillows and More!

If you can't find what you're looking for above, have a browse of auction sites like eBay, where you might find second hand older designs that are no longer made, or even custom versions of blankets, throws, pillow cases and more! This is a good way to find more unusual designs, especially if you want a certain Doctor on your pillow or something other than the Tardis, Dalek and Cyberman offerings.

Would you Snuggle up in a Doctor Who Bed? - Leave your Comments and Feedback here!

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