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Doctor Who Tardis Table Lamp

Updated on October 25, 2013

Doctor Who first aired on 23 November 1963 and lots of merchandise has been released over the years , but especially as a lead-up to the 2013 50th anniversary. This table-lamp is one of my favourite pieces and I have been a Doctor Who fan for long enough to have seen the original episodes with William Hartnell.

If you have a Whovian in your life they would love this lamp as a Christmas, birthday, graduation or whatever occasion gift. It’s a great collectible piece and is useful and functional, as well as being decorative. The lamp shade is removable and it is recommended not to use a bulb greater than 60 watts, which means it is good for a bedside reading light.

The shade features Matt Smith, the eleventh actor to play Doctor Who, who began in 2010. It would be nice if they had others to choose from, but Matt Smith is pretty good! I love this item because some of the Doctor Who merchandise is a little cheesy but this is a nice quality item that would look good in any Doctor Who loving household.

The Tardis door opens and you can hide little trinkets in there – or perhaps your favourite Dr Who figurine. The light on top can flash and you can also get it to make the Tardis noise, which is a lovely touch. There is a short video below where you can watch and hear this. If you’re a Doctor Who fan yourself then make sure this is on your Christmas list – it is way better than the Tardis cookie jar.

This short video shows how the Tardis door opens and makes "the noise" while the light on top of the box flashes.

There are other Tardis lighting options including some rather sweet string lights.

Doctor Who TARDIS String Lights
Doctor Who TARDIS String Lights

A string of 10 tardises (or is that tardisi?) each about 3 inches high. The string is about four and a half feet long.



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