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We replaced our heavy Dyson with the Shark Rocket Ultralight!

Updated on September 5, 2014

If you are "old" like I am, you will remember the song "Don't fear the reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult. Well I decided to put a twist to it with my "Don't fear the sweeper" title. The title fits, this is the easiest vacuum I have ever used!

The Shark Rocket Ultralight is a great little vacuum for around the home. We purchased it to replace a larger Dyson vacuum that worked well but was a little unwieldy for my wife and mother-in-law who do the majority of sweeping. As mentioned, this corded vacuum is lightweight, cleans equally well on laminate floors or carpet, and the "Swivel Steering" makes it easy to get around furniture. This vacuum puts the "V" in versatile. It includes a motorized two-speed brushroll for carpet and floor cleaning, a cleaning wand to reach hard to reach areas, a wide upholstery tool to clean furniture, even small tools for dusting the crevices in your car! Also included is a handy wall mount for storage when not in use. I used the wall mount to hang the vacuum in our coat closet next to our front door. I don't have any special vacuum measuring tools but feel that this small vacuum has the same sucking power as our Dyson. No messy vacuum bags here, just a small dust cup to empty and a reusable foam filter to clear periodically. All accessories including the motorized brush roll are easy to attach to the base unit.

So if you are looking for a second vacuum for light cleaning or maybe to replace your heavy clunker of a vacuum the Shark Rocket Ultralight is the right vacuum for you.

Other great vacuum product by Shark!

The Shark Rocket Ultralight Vacuum in action!


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