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Entry door viewers and Peep Holes

Updated on February 9, 2013
Door Viewer
Door Viewer

Door Viewers and Peep Holes

Door viewers and Peep holes allow you to see who is on the outside of your door before you let them in to your home or business.

There are quite a few types of door viewers available and you need to make sure you have the right one for your door. It is easy to choose the wrong peephole, so here is some basic information to help you choose the correct one to suit your door.

Check your door type

First of all you need to check if your door has any special requirements. Some doors can not have extra holes drilled in to them and you should check your doors' fire rating. Most unit doors will have some sort of fire rating and your door viewer or Peep Hole will need to have been tested to meet the fire rating specifications.

View angle

The angle of view is quite important. A viewer that only has a small view angle might not see people hiding in corners outside your door. Generally a wide angle of view can see better at short distances and can see black spots where someone could hide.

Are you home?

It is preferable if your door viewer or peep hole obscures your presence from people on the outside of the door. If someone on the outside of the door can see there is someone home it can anger them that you have not opened the door or acknowledged their presence. If you can not be seen you can look and choose not to open the door if you are not sure who the person is.

Not too close

The distance you are away from the door is also worth consideration. Some door viewers and peep holes require your to put your eye right on the inside of the door. This can be a bit unnerving when you do not know who is on the other side of the door, Some door viewers and peep holes allow you to view from a distance so you do not have to be close to the door to check who is there.

Electronic door viewers

Some security systems already have a camera wired in so you can see who is at a front gate or a common entry door. It is also possible to have a camera style viewer for your front door. There are also some wireless door viewers that you can view from another room, or you can carry it to wherever in the house you are.

Some electronic door viewers have the added advantage of inferred lights so it is possible to see who is on the other side of the door even in the dark.

Installation by a locksmith

It is advisable to get your door viewer or peep hole installed by a qualified locksmith so you get the correct viewer for your door. A locksmith should know the correct way to fit the door viewer or peep hole and installation requirements such as the correct height the door viewer should be fitted at.

Door Viewer and Peep Hole Comments

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    • Brisbanelocksmith profile image

      John Magee 5 years ago from Brisbane, Qld, Australia

      The electronic door viewers are cameras. If you are looking into a bright light the exposure will be extreme. If it is dark outside you will not see much.

      Inferred door viewers are best for seeing in the dark.

      Some of the non electronic door viewers also require a great deal of light. Especially the larger view door viewers. It is always a good idea to check the viewer in low light levels if possible.

    • profile image

      Jon 5 years ago

      How effective are the electronic viewers. I hear they do not work if there is bright light or not enough light. Want to get one because they are so cheap, but don't want to drill holes in my door if they are not up to the task.

      Great lens. thanks for the information provided