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How I Gradually Redecorated With Dragonfly Bathroom Items

Updated on June 12, 2014

I Didn't Do An Instant Makeover...

I love to decorate. When I got in the mood to decorate my bathroom I didn't have enough money to do it all at once. So I decided to approach the project piece by piece over time and I still get to enjoy my favorite style! It seemed as though the garden had a magical feeling to it because of these amazing flying creatures. I think decor which reflects what I love outdoors is a good idea so I can enjoy outdoors while I'm inside.

As I think about things I love outdoors, I am planning a decorating project for my bathroom. I think the items I have selected for this page are a good place to start in planning the makeover. One thing I have done a lot in the past few years is make an overall plan and then acquire one or two items at a time. This way I don't overspend all at once and I get to enjoy each item as it is added.

Nature And Our Home

Start with your senses...

I love being outdoors. Camping, gardening, hiking, or sitting under a tree and reading a book. So, whenever I can I love to bring the elements of the outdoors into the house.

It isn't a complicated task when I take it step by step. Thinking about the elements and my senses combined to spark some imagination.

Combine The elements of fire, water, air, and earth with my senses of hearing, scent, touch, taste, and sight. The results will vary each time I meditate on it.

Image Credit Amazon

I planned the decorating project in seven stages - Each time I thought of a new item I would add it to the list.

My decorating plan was easy. You might agree, when you look at each of the elements and then decide which items you want in the plan. I took my time and got one (or two) things at a time. My project materialized over a few months and was less of a burden on my pocketbook, while still having the theme, colors, and design I love.

It didn't matter which stage of the project I did in any order. That is the beauty of a gradual project plan.


Dragonfly Bath Colorblock Shower Curtain By Collections Etc
Dragonfly Bath Colorblock Shower Curtain By Collections Etc

Think about using the darkest (less obvious) color as a primary to use in your anchor items (floor mat, borders, etc). Then use the medium to lightest colors for your towels and sink accessories (soap holder dispenser for example).

As you pull one color at a time out of the shower curtain block color design you will end up with a remarkable and unique color scheme.


Dragonfly Shower Curtains

The Largest Canvas In A Bathroom

Dragonfly Shower Curtains

I think the most important part of a bathroom decorating plan is the shower curtain. It is going to span the largest area of the room and will often be the first thing I’ll see when I enter the room. I hesitate to define that space with decorating themes. Mostly because it might be something I want to change during different times of the year or from one year to the next.

But, I really like this one. I think I can work with it as a color scheme and the theme is subtle enough I can add light or bold color coordinating items to change with each season.

Floral Dragonfly Bathroom Shower Curtain W/ Valance By Collections Etc
Floral Dragonfly Bathroom Shower Curtain W/ Valance By Collections Etc

Shower curtains are am important part of the decorating plan because they are such a huge focal point in your decorating plan. Think about function as well as the way the shower curtain looks. Think about adding more than one curtain or a double curtain design. One inside and two on the outside. This gives you a rich layered look. The inside curtain can be a bit more heavy and perhaps have weights to keep it still when the shower is on. The other two will drape outside the tub to give you a lush drape as well as more privacy if you share a bathroom (with spouse or kids).


I love hooks - They are great for hanging a guest towel or a mirror.

A great design plan will include using my bathroom wall as much as possible for design, function, and activities. I love to have hooks for towels, a robe, and a net bag with extra face cloths. Other functional areas are the mirror,lighting, and bath supplies.

I like things to be organized so it is easy. I also look for small containers to hold my everyday products (shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, body wash, and face moisturizer). I like to save money by buying large containers of the things I use everyday. But, I don't like how these oversized containers look and they take up too much room. So, a few smaller containers, and I simply refill them every now and then.

Vintage Dragonfly Wall Hook Jeweled - Green & Purple - 7.5" x 4"
Vintage Dragonfly Wall Hook Jeweled - Green & Purple - 7.5" x 4"

Shower curtain hooks can also be used for other functions. Look at the size and weight limits and then find out if they will work for any of the following ideas.

Curtain rings (for the window)

Towel Hooks (for a hand towel or wash cloth)


I love to decorate the wall - sometimes it isn't easy for me to choose...

When I am planning decorating I think of walls and doors as well as floor and ceiling. I think a nice piece of artwork, lighting, and functional items is just about all you need in a bathroom. Organizers for over the door are great if you need the extra storage, but, a nice art piece on the door (especially in a small bathroom) is a better choice.

Bringing nature into the house is always a good idea. I love to think about all of the outdoor elements and bring as many of them into the house as possible. The bathroom is one of the rooms where I can most easily do this. Maybe it is because there is a water element in the room already.

The Functional Canvas - Dragonfly bath towel sets

I like to have comfort, function, and style when it comes to towels. But, now and then I'll have a themed towel that isn't very soft. I love the organic materials as often as possible.

Recycled materials are always a good way to save on natural resources and they are often the longest lasting additions to my home.

Embroidered Dragonfly Swirl Medium Blue Bath Towel Set
Embroidered Dragonfly Swirl Medium Blue Bath Towel Set

Cotton is my favorite for towels. They are absorbent and soft. I love how they feel, they wash very well, and most of all they dry my hair and body with ease.


Bathroom Floor Functional Accents - Dragonfly Soft Rug

There are only a couple of reasons I would want a rug anywhere in the house. First is in the bathroom to step out of the shower and second is in front of the sink in the kitchen. I wanted a bathroom rug for by the shower that was soft, washable, and would dry out quickly so it wouldn't need washed as often.

Organizing Area - A place to put your slippers, hand towels, and magazines.

A great basket! I love to have a place to put a few odds and ends without cluttering up the space. I have extra towels, a pair of slippers, a couple of magazines (for those bubble bath spa days), and a small zipper bag with extra items such as my lip balm, foot scrubber, nail clippers, etc.

Pink Ladybugs and Dragonflies Wicker Basket
Pink Ladybugs and Dragonflies Wicker Basket

Inside is enough space for a few items you want to have near the bath tub. It is also adorable to create a guest set of items when you have company overnight.


Theme or No Theme? - After you answer please tell me more in the guestbook.

Would You Decorate With A Theme In The Bathroom?

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Thank you for your comments and shares. I enjoy reading your replies to this project. Have you started a gradual decorating project? What theme did you have in mind?


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  • GypsyOwl profile image

    Deb Bryan 3 years ago from Chico California

    @Virginia Allain: Hi Vallain.Thank you. I would have loved to visit the Dragonfly Festival in Texas when I lived there. I'm not sure how I missed knowing about it.

  • Virginia Allain profile image

    Virginia Allain 3 years ago from Central Florida

    This is a marvelous theme for a bathroom. I, too, remember seeing lots of dragonflies when we lived in South Texas. The city of Weslaco even has an annual dragonfly festival that people come from all over the U.S. for.

  • Bexley profile image

    Bexley 5 years ago

    I love the framed "Bathe" art print with dragonfly by Becca Barton. The soft natural colors are lovely!