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Two Drawer Style Dishwashers - Fisher Paykel Twin Double Drawer Dishwashers

Updated on July 3, 2013

Fisher & Paykel Double Drawer Dishwashers Are A Stylish Alternative To Traditional Built In Dishwashers

Two drawer dishwashers begun development in the 1980's and came to market under design by Fisher & Paykel in the mid 1990's and quickly became a popular addition to the modern kitchen. Their sleek, stylish design are an elegant and functional alternative to the traditional door style dishwashers featuring instead, a pair of pullout sliding drawers rather like the design of a filing cabinet.

The design style is not just an attractive looking alternative but double drawer dishwashers also offer several nice features which are not available in a traditional style machine.

Fisher & Paykel Drawer Dishwasher In Action

A quick glimpse at how attractive a built in Dishdrawer can look in a modern kitchen.

Double Drawer Dishwashers

The Benefits Of A Two Drawer Dishwasher

There are two main types of Dishdrawer on the market, the single drawer dishwasher and the two drawer dishwasher. The one drawer dishwasher features a single drawer which can hold numerous items for washing. There original size can have issues with fitting larger items so in response to that, you can also buy a tall model single drawer dishwasher as well.

One drawer dishwashers are aimed at apartments and small kitchens, being ideal for saving space whilst still giving you the option to own a dishwasher where otherwise there might not be the space.

Double drawer dishwashers, on the other hand, are larger machine typically around the same size as a traditional full sized model. These twin drawer dishwashers are basically two single drawer dishwashers built in to the same machine. The really nice thing is these two drawers operate independently of each other giving you different washing and storage options.

Some of the uses and benefits of these types of dishwashers include:

1. As the two drawers operate in dependently of each other a two drawer dishwasher makes it easier to wash items which require different wash settings. For example, your every day dishes can probably be thrown on a heavy duty wash cycle and come out fine and clean, whereas, more delicate china and your best glasses might be better washed on a lighter setting. With a two drawer dishwasher this is easy to achieve, as you can simply set one drawer to heavy and the other one to a more delicate wash setting. Easy!

2. Some people use their two drawer dishwasher as a storage location AND a dishwasher, using one drawer to wash dishes and cutlery and the other one to store them. As you use the clean dishes from one drawer, you fill up the other with dirty ones until it is full, then you wash that one and start filling the other. In a smaller kitchen this saves on space giving you more room in the cupboards and drawers for other things.

3. Twin drawer dishwashers are great for single people and couples. You don't have to worry about running out of plates before the dishwasher is full as you can just run one drawer if you like. When you have people over or family comes to stay it's still big enough to run the whole thing to clean up after all those extra people.

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    anonymous 6 years ago

    I din't even know there was such a think as a drawer style dishwasher until now and it sure does make sense for both style and function.