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Get your dream kitchen

Updated on August 4, 2016

What you wish to know about kitchens

So many brands, styles, kitchen devices and a pile of information.

There is an abundance of information about kitchens and kitchen design. You really need to take the time to look at all the kitchen options, because you'll cook, eat and live in a kitchen for many hours per day.

This lens shows some great examples of kitchen designs, innovations and kitchen appliances.

Kitchen planning

The floor plan of your kitchen

There are several basic layouts available to plan your kitchen space.

The U-kitchen

Devices and closets are arranged in a U shape. Have at least 1m20 between the legs of the U.

Island shape

Best suited for houses where the living room and kitchen are contained into 1 single area.


Make sure the entrance to the kitchen is wide enough. This design is very compact and offers a lot of storage.

Double wall

Suited for kitchens with a window and the door on opposite sides.


Offers a lot of storage and/or space and allows for high furniture on both sides.

Single line kitchen

This shape is not optimal and will require the user to walk a lot between devices or storage space.

Lime, if you dare

Exclusive kitchens make use of colors in every way possible. What seems bright or ugly at first, might be great in combination of other colors or materials.

And then there was light

Light in a kitchen is important, think about it for a moment

Fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent or TL tubes emit white and clear light. The light is very good to work with and the electricity consumption is usually smaller than regular light.

Disadvantages are the coziness of the kitchen with TL light, it's good to work with, but not pleasant to be in. A second disadvantage is the inability to dim TL light.

Halogen lighting

This is currently the most used form of lighting in kitchens. The spots emit a plesant light that's a little less suitable to work with. Another advantage is the ability to connect a dimmer to the spots, allowing for even further customization of the light. A possible disadvantage is the heat emitted from the lights. Make sure, if you use spots, that enough ventilation is possible around the lights.

Energy saving lamp

A specially designed light that will reduce energy consumption compared to regular lights. The lifetime of the lamps also far exceeds that of regular lamps. The only possible downside is the slightly higher price. The light emitted is comparable to regular lights. Currently, LED lights are the most popular.

How to not be dull

Make your kitchen eyecatching, with colors.


Don't just paint ... Paint after thinking!

Primary colors

The colors blue, red and yellow are primary colors. This means the exist on there own and are not made of other colors.

Secondary colors

These colors are based on a combination of the primary colors. Examples are orange, green, purple, pink, ...


White reflects natural light. Use white in an area that has little or no natural light. Light colors like white enlarge a room. Making the ceiling pure white will create the illusion of a bigger room.

Pure white is cool and hard, therefor use a combination like ivory or beige.


Black will significally reduce the size of a room.

Only use black in combination with other colors and as a design accent.


Green, the color of nature, give peace and quite in a room.


Another color of nature. However, blue is cool and best used on a southern wall. Northern walls will make the color harder and cooler.


The color of the sun. Brightens up any room.

Red and orange

Red and/or orange are strong, vivid colors, bringing life into the room.


Brown in itself is a mix of a lot of different colors, making it suitable to combine with about anything.

Black & red, a bold statement

The color red in a kitchen is more popular than ever these days, however, if you combine it with black, you get a really powerful statement.


There is no dream kitchen without high-tech innovation, unless you are a retro fan of course.

Here's an example of an ultra modern kitchen, recently designed to promote brands featuring high-tech materials and products.

It might look too futuristic, or clean. But the point is showing some of the many differences in future kitchens.

The kitchen features touch screens to control every device. On top of that, there are sound activated programs and functionality.

The walls are fitted to be used as lighting, with possibilities to cycle through colors to change the mood of the kitchen.

To my taste, this is a rather small sink, but I'm sure if you get a kitchen like this you have plenty of options to change it to what you want.

The controls have a futuristic look and are made with LED technology and Corian.

Exclusive italian designs

Here are some examples of exclusive kitchens designed by Italian brands

Noticeable here are the rounded cabinets. They give your kitchen a smooth and unique design.

This kitchen features a unique view on the kitchen island. The unit is completely isolated and giving it a floating appearance.

Clever ideas

Corners are usually a waste in a kitchen. You either just leave the sapce, or you find clever tricks to make everything reachable.

The circular kitchen is another idea to redesign the kitchen to accommodate more devices into a smaller space.

Retro or modern

What would be your pick ?


The modern vision of the past

Retro cannot be labeled as old. Retro is the modern vision of a past development.

A retro looking sink has the looks of the past, but the ease of use of the present. Or an entire kitchen redesigned to look retro. Just make sure you don't exaggerate.

Modern & clean

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    • GeekGirl1 4 years ago

      Modern and clean.

    • bechand 5 years ago

      neither ...

      I am getting to redo mine - white wainscot and purple walls - with green glass tile backsplash - still lookin for countertop ... likely ivorybeige not solid though ... (with a big iris photo on the wall)

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      neither...traditional w a flare of clean lines

    • RinchenChodron 6 years ago

      I've always liked modern - kind of zen.

    • RamblingRosy 6 years ago

      Modern with a heart would be my pick.

    • dahlia369 6 years ago

      Modern makes me laugh and takes my breath away with its ingenuity

    • ZablonMukuba 6 years ago

      modern kitchens take your breath away

    Retro till I drop

    Retro till I drop

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      • Susan Settle 22 months ago

        I love these pics of 50s vintage dinette sets. Do you have any for sale? I have looked forever for one or maybe you could tell me where I can go to find some for sale. Please let me know.

      • Jean DAndrea 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

        With a small kitchen in an old house like mine, I'd have to go retro.

      • KANEsUgAr 6 years ago

        I don't like either, I prefer professional equipment, with a traditional look.

      • tssfacts 6 years ago

        I like both. If I had to pick it probably would be retro.

      • Vikki 6 years ago from US

        Retro...all the way!

      Disco is back in town!

      Outdoor kitchens

      It's a new trend. Instead of just having a barbeque in the backyard, you can get a full and functional kitchen.

      It's great to cook outdoors.

      The kitchens are usually stylish and integrated with the surroundings. They need to be functional (like any kitchen) but also water and windproof.

      Orange like the fruit

      Modern kitchens often resort to bright colors combined with neutral black or white.

      You've seen lime kitchens earlier, do you dare to go orange?

      With only some basic accents, a sober kitchen can be transformed into an eye-catcher.

      Going all-out orange might be a bit to much for most people. But sometimes, in some houses, this might look awesome.

      About the author

      This hub was made by Magicality.
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      What is your dream kitchen ?

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        • groovyoldlady profile image

          groovyoldlady 10 years ago

          I like a kitchen that LOOKS old-fashioned but functions high-tech. Nice lens.

        • M Schaut profile image

          Margaret Schaut 10 years ago from Detroit

          I like the old, HUGE farm kitchens. Something where you expect to smell apple pie, or cinnamon bread, something where you might see home canned food...

          Informative lens, though! Lots of people will like it!

        • profile image

          flaminglacer 10 years ago

          Squid Angel Star

        • profile image

          AngelaHarms 10 years ago

          I kept wanting to know more. What's TL lighting? I've never heard of it. And in that kitchen, where are the dishes?

        • jackclee lm profile image

          Jack Lee 10 years ago from Yorktown NY

          I've been thinking along the same line about how to describe changes to a lens. Your change history idea is a good start. Keep up the good work.

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