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Dremel Rotary Tools - The Best Portable Cutting Tools

Updated on October 24, 2014

Dremel Rotary Tool - A Great, Affordable, Portable, Power Tool For Cutting, Sanding & More!

Are you looking for an excellent power tool for a project you're doing?

A power tool that can cut metal & wood, or can do sanding, drilling, engraving, polishing, cleaning and much, much more? Then definitely check out the popular Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool Kit

Dremel's Rotary Tools are highly popular & highly rated. There are so many cool accessories, bits & add-ons that will help in whatever project your undertaking - whether it's remodeling your home or just hobby crafting some wood, it'll definitely get the job done, efficiently, and then some!

Spring is almost here! Time to get some projects, organizing, remodeling, just all around maintenance! I can't wait to get the windows open, let in some fresh air & get to work! Are you ready?

The Best Tool For Your Home Remodeling Projects......

The Perfect Tool For Cutting, Sanding, Trimming & More!

My family & I just moved into our new house and there was a lot of work that had to be done, and still does! It's a foreclosure home, that we bought. It was pretty low priced. The reason it wasn't as expensive as some of the more costly one's is because the previous owners obviously weren't able to finish the home and so it needed a lot of work, some TLC! We had to finish the work that was started, or repair it, to put it the way we want it. Putting up drywall, cutting sheet rock & replacing pipes, sanding for painting.... the list goes on and on.

We've been using a lot of different power tools, but the problem is that their big and bulky! Don't get me wrong, they get the job done, but it's not like you can take the huge power tool anywhere and cut with it, like up onto the wall and cut a little piece of the material you need trimmed.....Nope! you need take the piece down and bring it to a cutting area to do it.

Thankfully! I have a Dremel Rotary Tool!(I actually have 2 of them, each one uses a different power source. One that plugs into a power socket and one that uses a rechargeable battery.) So, all I have to do is change the bit type to the one I need, whether it's one for sanding or one for cutting wood or even one for cutting metal. There are many different types of bits and accessories, much like a drill has. After I attach the special piece to it, all I have to do is plug it in or pop in the battery and I'm good to go!

***Precautionary!*** Always make sure you have the power tool unplugged or the battery removed, before handling it for maintenance, or bit adjustment. You don't want to lose those precious fingers! I'm sure you've heard the horror stories, even the ones where people were, carefully, using their power tools.

Also, on a side note... I wouldn't replace all the power tools we had to use for the remodeling, with just this one, because you definitely need some of those other power saws and power sanders for the bigger jobs(meaning bigger pieces of material to cut or sand, to get the job done quicker), but this tool definitely takes the cake, for ease of use, weight, size & functionality.

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Dremel Rotary Tools On Amazon

Amazon has all the Dremel's you could ever need! Dremel's themselves, as well as accessories. There are corded and cordless Dremel's to choose from when shopping for one. They also sell this cool Dremel station so that you can be hands free when you're using your rotary tool!

The Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool Kit

Here's a great Dremel Rotary Tool Kit, it's easily a starter kit.This kit comes with a strong sturdy carrying case..... it's got everything you need to get going with your projects. Each kind of bit/tip you need, for just about every project and they include extras of each. That's a corded Dremel, in the picture up top.

Here's a cordless Dremel: Dremel 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool With Accessories & Carrying Case

The good thing about Dremel kits is that they give you more than one of each type of tip/bit, but definitely get some more of your favorite ones, so that way if one gets worn out or breaks, then you have some extras and don't have to wait to get them, with your project half finished.

Up next is some info about the pieces/tips/bits/add-ons/accessories for your Dremel Rotary Tool......

How To Use A Dremel - Youtube - Dremel Projects - Youtube

There are a lot of different projects you can do with your Dremel and Youtube has some suggestions for you. There are countless videos for just about any project you can think of, even excluding using a Dremel!

eHow has some really helpful How-To Dremel videos on Youtube...

How To Dremel On Youtube

Dremel on eBay

You can find some great bargains on eBay, for Dremel's and any power tool you want, especially rare ones and even used ones so you don't have to spend an arm & a leg on a new one. When you're done with the tool and think you have no more use for it, put it back up on eBay so that someone else can get it when you're done.....

Dremel Rotary Tool Accessories

Like I stated before, there are many different tips and bits for the Dremel Rotary Tool. Each piece is meant to be used for each project you're going to work on. Bits for cutting metal, cutting wood, sanding wood, engraving metal or glass, polishing wood, and many more.

Usually when you buy a Dremel Rotary Tool, they come with bits, tips & accessories - some kits even come with cases. There are also attachments for the Dremel's, like a bendable snake hookup. The snake is similar to other snake items, it's a bendable, long, thin reaching attachment so you can reach different angles and hard to reach spots that you need to use the Dremel on. Also, some of the tips you can buy are similar to that of a drill, there are flat head, phillips screwdriver(the 4 head type screwdriver one), and even drill bits to make holes.

My Dremel, that is corded, only came in a box with the bare necessities and some different kinds of bits and tips, whereas my cordless one came with a carrying bag and a clear case for holding all the miscellaneous bits, tips & accessories - which is awesome by the way! I've had both Dremel's for a little over 10 years and they're both running strong, although I should probably get a new battery for my cordless one seeing as how batteries die over time, due to either inactivity or the regular running out/depletion of the batteries.

I mostly use the corded Dremel because it has a constant flow of power. The cordless one runs out after awhile and doesn't hit as strong as the corded one does. But, maybe the newer cordless Dremel Rotary tools last longer for battery life, because as the technology advances in this world, we get longer, lasting, better batteries. Eventually, advancements in nanotechnology will probably birth a mega battery that will power our devices for years upon years, Hopefully!

Dremel 709-01 110 pc Super Accessory Kit
Dremel 709-01 110 pc Super Accessory Kit

This Accessory Kit has everything you need with 110 pieces. They also make up to a 160 piece kit. More is better because sometimes your bits and pieces to attach & use, will break and wear down so it's always best to have extra.


Dremel Kits & Accessories On Amazon

There are many different Dremel kits and accessories on the market, I suggest you try to also buy a bit that is capable enough to cut metal - it will hold up longer than the ones that can cut just wood or etc. This next accessory is really cool and a major problem solver...It's a snake attachment that lets you reach places you can't normally reach...

Home Remodeling For Dummies, Book

Do you need to know the in's and out's of Home Remodeling? Here's a great book by the people who make the dummy books. So whether you plan on remodeling your home for your own enjoyment or you're a landlord and want to fix up a piece of property, or if you're someone who buys homes and then fixes them up to resell them, then give this book a read.

Home Remodeling for Dummies (For Dummies Series)
Home Remodeling for Dummies (For Dummies Series)

Sometimes it's nice to have a book to consult for home remodeling. You could always just keep watching HGTV programs to learn all you can from the professionals - my parents are well learned from there! hehe


Before & After - Home Remodeling Pictures

Up next are some home remodeling pictures, showing our before and after. What it looked liked before we did any work and what it looks like now, after the work is 99% complete. We didn't take any pictures of the process though, but I thought you might like to see the before & after's anyway, I love B&A's!

*These pictures are for the room in our house that required, pretty much, all of the main construction repairs. We made it into a Family Room/Office. We wanted a room that the kids could have for their toys and etc. The main living room of the house is more of a grown-ups type living room - with lots of expensive furniture, made of quality craftsmanship wood and glass. Eventually, I'll probably add more before and after pictures, for the rest of the house, I think it turned out great!


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Home Remodeling Picture 1 - Before

Home Remodeling Picture 1 - After

We took out 2 portions of the chimney bricks and even took down a good portion of that one wall.

We wanted to take out the whole wall, but the part that we had to leave, was a load bearing wall.

(We can't have a room with no roof? Now can we? lol)

Home Remodeling Picture 2 - Before

Home Remodeling Picture 2 - After

Can't you tell, that my Mom loves pink? I think my Niece loves it too!

Home Remodeling Picture 3 - Before

Home Remodeling Picture 3 - After

Every wall was redone, anew!

Home Remodeling Picture 4 - Before

Home Remodeling Picture 4 - After

Home Remodeling Picture 4 - After

I Love This Ceiling So Much!

It Is So, Awesomely, Epic!

To think, that most of it was hidden under a generic ceiling tile system! We ripped that old ceiling down, to find this awesome tin ceiling that needed some tender, loving care! We had to chip away the old paint and then we used some silver spray paint(the whole house smelled of spray paint afterwards, but it was worth it!).

*I took this picture by putting the timer on the camera and putting the camera on the floor and pressing the button. You can see the chandelier in it, it's the same one in the previous photo.

Home Remodeling & Interior Decorating Books

There are plenty of shows that discuss home remodeling and interior decorating, but did you know there are also books on these subjects too?

Home Remodeling Picture 5 - Before

Home Remodeling Picture 5 - After

We took out half of that wall, except for the part that had the light switch electric box.

Gotta have more room! Who doesn't like more room?

Home Remodeling Picture 6 - Before

Home Remodeling Picture 6 - After

Not much to say here except, I Love That Ceiling, Again! LoL

Oh, by the way, that's the attic. Can you say Christmas presents hiding spot?

I think Clark Griswald is still stuck up there watching old projector movies, while his family & relatives are out Christmas Shopping, lol.

Home Remodeling Picture 7 - Before

See! Those are the ceiling tiles I was talking about, they were put up by the previous owners, blocking the awesome tin ceiling! It's criminal I tell ya! lol

Home Remodeling Picture 7 - After

We removed that table, and we also removed all of the wooden paneling in the room to put up new walls and paint them pink, for my mom and for what pink represents: Love! This is the kid's Family Room, they love it!

My moms loves the color pink, anything Victorian, and floral patterns. Those are her favorite themes, unequivocally!

Home Remodeling Picture 8 - Before

Home Remodeling Picture 8 - After

There's the chimney again, it's out of commission now. It would've been a pain to remove all the bricks because it's a deep rooted chimney system, but I think it looks good like that, still attached.

That's it for the Before & After photos. As for the Dremel stuff, there are no, under construction/at work/in progress, pictures to show the work being done, so I can't show any Dremel instances.

I hope you enjoyed the before & after's though!?!

Do You Like Before & After's?

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Helpful Construction & Power Tool Tips

Home Remodeling Safety Tips

When operating machinery, especially machinery that is meant to cut or destroy items, it's best to remember that we, as fleshy humans, are fragile!

So here are some great safety tips for using a Dremel, or any power tool, in general.....

***Precautionary!*** Always make sure you have the power tool unplugged or the battery removed, before handling it for maintenance, or bit adjustment. You don't want to lose those precious fingers! I'm sure you've heard the horror stories, even the ones where people were carefully using their power tools.

Moving Parts, Flying Projectiles & Your Eyes!:

When you're cutting something, the piece you're removing is going to come off! That's the goal isn't it? Yes, so whether it's going to fall down in one huge chunk, or spray up in your eyes during the cutting, that's questionable, so you should definitely use protective eye wear/goggles. Here's a great pair that I recommend, they're anti-fog!

Moving Parts, Flying Projectiles & Your Mouth/Lungs!:

Don't forget, the parts that are flying up at your face, are also being inhaled by you, so it's also best to wear a breathing mask. There are 2 options for safeguarding your lungs, one is using a doctor type, construction breathing mask. Those would be the most cost efficient, to buy a package of them...there all usually come in like a 10 pack or so.

The 2nd option for a face mask is using a full on respiratory apparatus, like the next one. You can never be too safe when it comes to breathing in particles during construction! They can be expensive but you can use them more than once. I think it's a wise investment instead of constantly going through the doctors mask ones - I personally find the latex powder annoying in those, you have to smell that scent in your nose, mouth & throat for awhile before it goes away.

Eyes & Mouth Safety, All In One Item!:

Also, if you want, you can buy an item that incorporates a respirator and an eye shield part, to protect your eyes and lungs at the same time, because they do have options for breathing masks without the protective face mask in case you already have goggles. Here's an excellent face & mouth mask(f.y.i. they can get expensive):

Hand Safety Tips:

When it comes to using power tools, gloves can be tricky, because they can be bulky or cumbersome to holding the machinery and operating the buttons etc. With a Dremel, and other tools, I prefer being bare-handed. If I have to handle wood and other material I use gloves though(Who wants splinters? or blisters? Not me!)

Up Next are a pair of gloves that I recommend...

Also, another major point about handling machinery is to make sure that your hands aren't sweaty! You don't want your hands slipping down to the end of the power tool and getting cut! It looks like, now, they make Dremel safety pieces so that if your hand slips down the tool, it will meet the safety piece, rather than the dangerous, cutting end. I need to order one of those, because the 2 Dremel's that I own, which I bought over 10 years ago, didn't come with one, nor did I know they made one. It's like an add-on so you can take it off or put it on, Awesome!

More Great Things You Can Do With Your Dremel!!!

Cutting Metal With A Dremel Rotary Tool

Cutting metal is so easy with a Dremel! All you need is a special disc bit/tip that is made of a special reinforced material, so that it can cut the metal with ease and without breaking, like some of the other tips would do if you were to try and use them on metal. Make sure you use only the types that are designated for the item you're cutting. They even sell Diamond discs! I've never owned one or tried one but that must be awesome, you could probably cut everything with it and not worry about damage, because if it's strong enough for metal then I would think it would be fine for wood, but you don't want to use a wood designated one, for metal, because the disc/bit/tip would break off and fly off at a very fast speed, possibly causing injury. Sometimes the discs/bits will break off, because over time they get worn and lose their perfect composition & resilience. Like I said, make sure you wear safety eye wear/glasses.

Cut It!

Sanding Wood With A Dremel Rotary Tool

That's right you can sand wood or other surfaces with special bits too. There are these special tips that have sandpaper on them and you can put the Dremel on a lower speed setting and sand away! If you try using the sander tip on a project that requires cutting and you really grind it in, it will surely break off on you(I speak from experience!), and it will be damaged and have to be tossed out. You'll have to put on another one, so it's best to just use a cutting tool one on a wide area that you're trimming, if you're just trying to wear down a spot that needs more space and you figured a sander would do the trick.

I definitely speak from experience on that last part because I had to buy a new door handle for a door in our new house and the old, worn outdoor handle fit the hole that someone had made for the door handle to go through, but it wouldn't fit my new one.

I tried putting on the new door handle and it wouldn't fit just right, so I had to use the Dremel cutting tool bit to trim the wood down, to fit the grooves of it. Worked like a charm! Another thing I noticed about cutting wood with the bits is that it causes friction which makes the wood heat up and burn, making it quite smokey and making the air smell like burnt wood. So make sure you check the wood after, to be certain it's not on fire. I've never had the wood catch fire, but it's not far off if it smokes and gets charred black, in those areas you cut, or sanded on a high setting.

You can easily carve wood with the Dremel Rotary Tool as well. Use the sander or one of the wood cutters and make some cool designs on something wooden you own. I plan on doing some wood crafting eventually, and will definitely add some pictures here, of any that I do.

Sand It!

Cleaning & Polishing With A Dremel Rotary Tool

You can even clean & polish with the Dremel! That's right, clean & polish! There are tips/bits that are fabric quality, they are like compacted wool I think. They almost seem like if you flattened a cotton ball and made it hard. I've never polished or cleaned anything with them, but I really want to, it seems like it would be cool. Also, I would think that you'd want to set your Dremel to a lower speed setting so that the friction doesn't rip it apart from the rubbing and the speed of it.

Metal Stripping With A Dremel Rotary Tool

That's right! Again! Another function you can do with your Dremel Rotary Tool is metal stripping. They also have bits/tips that are made of that metal wool type consistency, like the one shown in that picture above.

The Dremel Rotary Tools are just so darn cool!

Engraving With A Dremel Rotary Tool

If you notice in that picture, that's using the snake attachment/accessory I linked to, back up towards the top of this page.

Yet again! Another function you can do with a Dremel Rotary Tool is to engrave metal. I've never done this but supposedly you can use certain tips, probably the ones that cut metal, and you just engrave whatever word or symbol you want onto it. Seems pretty self explanatory for what engraving is.

As for engraving with metal, I'm sure it won't turn out exactly like the professional engravers can do at the shops, because they use special machines that are made solely for engraving, unless of course they happen to do handmade workmanship engravings - either way, they've been doing it professionally so it'll probably be better than an amateur. That's not to say you won't do a good job, you just might though...the glass is half full!!!(Optimism) Practice Makes Perfect! Also, you can even engrave on glass, like the picture up above depicts.

Wood carving With A Dremel Rotary Tool


More Carving With A Dremel Rotary Tool

How Cool Is That?

There are so many cool things you can do with a Dremel Rotary Tool! I highly recommend a Dremel Rotary Tool, it's gotten me out of a jam more than once. I've even used a Dremel to trim some bird perches. I had to order some new perches for my birds because theirs were getting too sharp and rough for their poor feet. Birds never lay down, lol they're always on their feet, even when they sleep) So I bought some perches, but they were too long, so I had to trim them and I'm glad I had a Dremel for that quick fix.

Like I said before, my brother has one. He's used his for a lot of different things as well! He's even used his to cut nails sticking out of a wall, because they wouldn't come out with a hammer. He's even had to cut a metal bike lock, on his bike, because he forgot the combination. lol Yup, that's my brother for ya! lol He should've made the code 1234, but then again, someone might've stolen it!

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More Great Dremel Products....

Dremel has a lot of great power tools in their ever-growing arsenal of electronic construction goodies. Dremel is definitely a great choice in power tools, in my opinion. I love how long my Dremel's have lasted and I'm sure there are a couple more decades left in the life span of them.

My brother also owns a Dremel and bought one that came with an awesome carrying case, much like a toolbox, where the main Dremel Rotary Tool goes in the bottom of the case and all the bits and tips are easily showcased in clear containers lining the top of the case. So, you can keep all of your items housed in a sturdy hard, rugged plastic case, with a handle for easy carrying - the snake attachment even fits in it too(Very Cool!).

More Dremel Products On Amazon

Dremel makes more than one type of tool or set of accessories........

Why Should You Own A Dremel Rotary Tool!?!

In closing, I think I gave a lot of great reasons why you should definitely own a Dremel Rotary Tool!

Let's can cut metal and wood(among other things), you can sand, clean, polish, drill, screw, un-screw, carve wood, engrave metal & do so much more with it.... there are so many projects you can tackle with a portable power tool, such as this. The price is right too, it's very affordable and worth every penny! I highly recommend this product and you won't regret it either, after you've tried it.

If you haven't checked one out yet, definitely give it a look - read the reviews on how popular and highly rated they are.

Power Tools on eBay

You want to find a great deal on power tools? Look no further than eBay.......

Do You Own A Dremel?

Have you ever wood sculpted or done any cool construction projects?

Do You Have Anything To Add?

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    • CelebrateUSA profile image

      Ken Kline 3 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Very well done article and inspirational. We have had a Dremel tool for years but have yet to use it - you inspired me to brush off the dust. I love the all the different applications you provided from cleaning to rehabbing to even etching of the glass!

    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 4 years ago

      @inkymama: Glad I could help. I think he'll love and definitely use it. It's a great little tool!

    • inkymama profile image

      inkymama 4 years ago

      This is a great gift idea for my husband, thanks!

    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 4 years ago

      @Scarlettohairy: It's true, Dremels are really cool. They're a really good power tool to have in your arsenal. Don't worry, we all know you meant "splurge" instead of "slurge" lol :oP

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 4 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      I'd love to have a Dremel. I've seen them in action and should slurge one of these days!

    • geosum profile image

      geosum 4 years ago

      Nice lens. I have a very small dremel tool - use it for grinding and polishing.

    • banapple profile image

      banapple 5 years ago

      I don't have one of these tools, but seriously I need one! Had no idea there was so many uses!

    • kislanyk profile image

      Marika 5 years ago from Cyprus

      Argh, forgot to mention, I use these for jewelry making...

    • kislanyk profile image

      Marika 5 years ago from Cyprus

      Lol, here I have to comment because I have not one, but 3 Dremels and a few other rotary tools plus a flex shaft as well, so the topic really interests me. And I have tons of accessories for the Dremel as well (thankfully all the accessories match between one tool and the other). Great lens btw!

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I'm not much of a "handy-woman" but I do like small tools that make getting a job done more easily. I'm heard of the Dremel rotary tool, but I really didn't know much about it. You've really transformed your home!

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 5 years ago

      I don't have Dremel! I wish if i could get one, it looks very handy! Thanks for sharing :)