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Drop Leaf Tables for Small Spaces

Updated on January 13, 2013

Drop Leaf Tables for Small Spaces

Looking for that perfect drop leaf table for your kitchen or dining room? Here's a wonderful selection of drop leaf tables ultimately designed for small spaces. This is especially helpful in small confined spaces like condominiums and small apartments. Simply put, one can double, even triple the counter top size when needed, and then tuck it back down when not in use. This is perfect for use as a simple breakfast nook or food preparation counter.

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Round Kitchen Tables with Drop Leaf

These are either half moon in design, mounted on the wall, or have folding edges. It is usually made up of two (2) or (4) folds, depending on the size and the make. The folded sides are converted into linear edges while the unfolded parts still retain the round shape of the table. To a certain extent, even if unfolded, the round edges still allow the household member to cram into the edges and move from one place to the other. When folded though, it allows unguarded or un-cramped movement to and from the kitchen. This also minimizes bumps and bruises in the thigh or knee area.

Carolina Cottage 42-Inch Round Drop Leaf Table

TMS 40 Inch Drop Leaf Table, White/Natural

International Concepts Dual Drop Leaf TableBent

Winsome Wood 42-Inch Round Drop Leaf Table

TMS 40-Inch Round Drop-Leaf Dining Table, Oak

International Concepts Round Dual Drop Leaf Ped Table

Rectangular Drop Leaf Tables

This design is extremely useful because when folded, the tabletop is long and thin. This is just perfect for kitchen countertops. When

unfolded, it can easily triple the area of the counter top, even more, depending on the design. It is also useful as a sort of upward hinged door to hide knick knacks, what not, even pots, and pans if necessary. This type of drop leaf usually comes with chairs that have no back rests and/or high chairs. This way, it can also serve as a mini bar countertop when folded. Take note that this

design can drop in 1, 2, 3, or 4 of the edges, thereby increasing its utility and versatility.

Winsome Lynnwood Drop Leaf High Table

Ikea INGATORP,Drop-leaf table, black-brown

Dual Drop Leaf Fold-Away Table

Winsome Wood Mercer 3 Piece Drop Leaf Table Set in Cappuccino

Furniture By Winsome Lynnwood 3pc High Drop Leaf Table with 24" Saddle Seat Stool/Antique Walnut

3pc Lynnwood Drop Leaf Kitchen Table with 2 Cushion Saddle Seat Stools

Contemporary Drop Leaf Kitchen Tables with Chairs

The word contemporary is oftentimes synonymous with clean lines that are minimalistic but elegant. Usually, it also signifies a design that is modular in character. This means that the necessary pieces can be tucked neatly into the folds or below the countertop.

The common misconception is that contemporary is also expensive. In reality, some quality pieces that are made up of scarce materials or utilize cutting edge technology will be expensive. However this is not the absolute rule. If you think about it, the clean lines of contemporary drop leafs also allow it to save on materials as well as labor. All you really have to do is take the time to find sturdy pieces that have basic techniques and abundant materials.

Jofran 342-48 Taylor Cherry Double Drop Leaf Dining Table

Dropleaf Table and Chairs - Jackson 3pc Dinette Set Cappuccino

TMS 3-Piece Madison Drop Leaf Dining Set

Steve Silver Abaco Double Drop Leaf Round Casual Dining Table in Acacia Finish

Winsome Lynnwood Drop Leaf High Table with 2 Counter Ladder Back Stool/Chair, 3-Piece

3pc Dining Table & Chairs Set with Drop Leaf in Oak and Black Finish

Wall Mounted Table with Drop Leaf

Simply put, this construction does away with the vertical pillar and/or legs. Rather, the entire table is suspended on the wall by folding rigs and sturdy screws drilled into a wall. As a result this is easily the cheapest and easiest to make. In some cases the contraption can even be incorporated on the wall, virtually invisible or at least unnoticed until it is brought out. The design can be anywhere from rectangular, square, circle, or just about any shape and size. Bear in mind, these pieces usually come with a distinct disadvantage. More often than not, wall mounted tables have a lower load threshold than their legged counterparts.

Ikea Wall-Mounted Drop-leaf Folding Table

Tips & Ideas for Small Kitchens

Quick Decorating Tips for Small Kitchens

The challenge with a small kitchen, say one with the floor area of five (5) to (15) square meters, is to provide enough room for the necessities i.e. sink, cutting/preparation area, stove-top, cupboards, even the laundry, etc., and still feel cozy but ample in size. In this regard, you need to remember three very important tips:

1. It must be well lighted.

2. It must be painted in a lively pastel color.

3. It has to utilize modular furniture that that can be tucked in or pulled out.

When it comes to condominium living, often times, the dining area is relegated to a counter-top that is as long as the kitchen but around 12 inches in width. This precludes household members from facing each other while eating. They are forced to line up and face the sink or a wall. By adding a drop leaf table you can tuck in a wide enough dining area for the family to sit, face each other, and have meaningful conversation while eating.

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    • profile image

      Sojourn 4 years ago

      Great drop leaf tables for a small kitchen or eating area. I once had a really small place where only one of these would have worked and it was really convenient.

    • profile image

      momideas 4 years ago

      Nice tables I really need some of those for some of my rooms which are small. Thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      Margot_C 4 years ago

      Great selection of tables. Even if you live in a larger home, these are great for cozy little nooks. Also great for utility areas where you occasionally need a little extra room to do some work.