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DVD Storage Racks - DVD Rack Designs For Men

Updated on July 22, 2010

What's the point of a large DVD collection like yours if they aren't on display properly? Buying one or even a few CD DVD storage racks that match with your current room furnishings is a great way to bring your DVD collection into the conversation and maximize space by allowing you to bring all of your home theater collection into one organized place instead of having them scattered all over the place in different boxes and cabinets.

When you buy DVD storage racks, there are always a few things that you want to keep in mind.

  • Will you have enough room on your dvd storage rack to expand your collections?
  • If you move, is the rack something that will fit into your next place?
  • Does it actually offer more space in a room, or will it take up more

DVD Rack Designs And Types

The DVD rack designs available will allow you to pick the DVD storage rack that fits your style, taste and size of your collection. There are many available in many different sizes. Some are metal frames and some are made out of wood. Some of the different DVD rack designs and types are: Tower, bookcase, cabinet, wall rack, shelves, enclosed, and mountable.

Some of the most popular are the enclosed dvd cabinet styles and the dvd bookshelf library styles.

DVD Storage Racks For Small Collections

If your collection is 50 DVD or less and you do not plan to expand much more then that, then you can benefit from some of the cool towers available for smaller DVD storage collections.

These will generally sit on the floor and hold DVD's in a single upward rack. These room saving compact DVD racks come both metal and wood frames.

DVD Storage Racks for Medium Collections

For somewhat larger collections of 100+ the DVD storage racks available become more about making a statement the just saving space. When a collector puts that much time and money into their hobby, they want to display it proudly.

If your needs are in the 100+ DVD holder go for something that can not only hold everything you have, but allow you to add many more DVDs to your rack.

DVD Storage Racks For Large Collections

If you got a large CD collection of 250+, your no longer just a DVD hobby collector, you are your friends favorite place to borrow DVD's for free. (You don't really charge your friends do you?) Make it easy for yourself and everyone else to find what they are looking for in your DVD storage rack by choosing the DVD rack design that allows for easy viewing.

These media racks are like large bookshelves that are sized just perfect for DVD's. So your titantic sized collection will not only fit, but allow room for growth.

Enclosed DVD Cabinet

Not every man wants to have his DVD's out on display. This is why the enclosed DVD cabinet options are just as popular as the racks that display DVDS. The benefits of an enclosed DVD cabinet is that you can keep your DVD's organized, without making them a focal point in the room or part of the decor.

When you are deciding to buy a DVD cabinet, look for styles that will fit into the look of your room. If you want your DVD's to be seen the glass cabinet doors are a great choice. If you want to hide them away, there are many DVD cabinets that allow for this.


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