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Dyson DC58 vs DC59 - Comparison and Review

Updated on September 13, 2014

Which One to Buy DC58 or the DC59

The Dyson DC58 and DC59 are very similar, it basically is the same vacuum. The difference is that the DC59 has a lot more features, making it more versatile. You can use the DC59 for anything from floor and carpet cleaning to vacuuming the sofa, or the interior of your car. The DC58 is a handheld beast, ready to be unleashed with a great battery and and unmatched suction power. If a powerful handheld is all you need, then this is the product for you.

On the other hand, if you need a multi purpose vacuum that does everything you need, and can be turned into a handheld vacuum, the DC59 is the way to go. Obviously, the features will be reflected in the price, but you will have two cleaners in one.

The two models from Dyson are the newest ones replacing the old models - DC59 replaces the DC44 and the DC 35, and the DC58 replaces the DC34 the older handheld from Dyson. There are a lot of add-ons with the DC59, and there are some great improvements over the older models, we will try to demystify for you all of these differences and improvements.

Dyson DC58 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC58 Handheld Vacuum is one of the best on the market. It can used anywhere, in your car, to clean after a baby, or after a pet. If you are tired of your cordless vacuum, that doesn't have enough suction power, or the battery loses charge so fast you can barely vacuum a few crumbles around the table, this is that vacuum you need.

I call the DC58 a gadget, because it looks awesome, but actually, it is an indispensable device for any household. Quick clean up around the table after dinner, great for cleaning the sofa after a movie in family, and perfect for cleaning the car, you can clean your car at any time, and it provides 20 minutes of continuous vacuuming, more than enough for this operation. I rarely use the booster mode, but it is quite useful sometimes, and it makes a great feature.

Compared to the vast majority of the cheap handheld devices on the market, cleaning the canister and the filter is very easy. Filter never gets clogged as with other cleaning devices. The power of this device is way better than anything you used, (OK this is an overstatement, there are a couple of devices that can compete with the Dyson), and it will pick up anything.

Dyson DC58 and DC59 Review

As I said earlier the two vacuums are very similar, and they are a great choice for the cordless vacuum market.

  • The two vacuums are cordless, and very lightweight, which makes the very easy to maneuver.
  • One great improvement over the previous versions is the handle, which is slightly more angled, making it easier to work with. The weight is also balanced, with the center of gravity towards the grip, so it is easier to handle during cleaning. This make the new cleaners a lot more pleasant to work with.
  • One problem with the previous models was that the button on the handle was very hard to press, and some people complained that they needed two fingers to press that button, but the button was too small to fit two fingers. The new model fixes this, the button is so much easier to control, and one finger is enough.
  • The old models were built based on the Root Cyclone technology, the new models benefit of the improved 2 Tier Radial Cyclone technology, which is more efficient, and it traps more dirt and dust.
  • The two new models are powered by the Dyson Digital Motor v6, the new and improved version of their electric motors.
  • Differences Between DC 58 and DC 59 The two models are very similar, but they are different products in a few ways. The motor for each of them is digitally calibrated and controlled differently, so it will draw the power accordingly. The attachment of the DC59 is motorized to improve picking up. The DC59 has also a combination accessory tool, a docking station with charger, and a crevice tool.
  • Battery time is one area where everything is different. While being two units so similar, DC59 and DC58 are different at battery time, but this is more due to the digital design, than anything, and they are conceived to deliver in certain conditions. With the handheld you get a bit more operating time, because you have 20 minutes of normal suction, and 6 minutes on boost for higher power suction. With the DC 59 you have 26 minutes of cleaning time and 6 minutes on boost. The DC34 has 15 minutes on normal suction or 6 minutes on boost. This is a great improvement. The DC44 has 20 minutes on normal and 8 minutes on boost.
  • Battery technology has changed from lithium ion with the old versions to nickel manganese cobalt for the new models. This is another great improvement.
  • Finally the weight is 2lbs 13 oz for DC 58, 4.6lbs for the DC 59, 5.07lbs for the DC 44, and almost 3lbs for the DC 34.

Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

DC 59 Animal cordless is one of the best vacuums for people with pets. It picks up pet hair where other vacuums don't, it has more suction power than it predecessor the DC44, and that was obtained in two ways, with a more powerful motor, and with the improved two tier radial cyclone technology. The batteries are replaceable, so whenever they die, (all batteries die eventually), you don't have to buy a new vacuum, you just replace the battery. The filter is a breeze to take out and clean, and the dirt release switch is easy to use. One problem with the older versions was the trigger, which was very hard to press, now the trigger is very comfortable, and easy to use.

The floor attachment is now more effective than the DC 44, and it works perfectly on both carpets, and hard floor. I wasn't going to mention the fact that it is incredibly lightweight, and easy to work with, but I have to say it, even if everybody knows it. It's just a pleasure to work with, even for men. I hope my wife doesn't read this.

Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2

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