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Easy Spa Inspired Gel Scents

Updated on June 22, 2014

Customizable Scents and Colors For Any Occasion

Its easy to make your own spa inspired gel scents at home and it doesnt cost a lot of money either. Gel scents add a pleasant scent to your home, office or car! Offer these as gifts to your friends and family. They make great hostess gifts and last minute gifts at the holiday season.

Homemade gel air scents are customizable to your personal tastes. The items used to make a gel scent jar can be purchased from your local craft store for less money than it costs to buy an expensive brand name product.

Finding the Right Recipe

It doesn't matter whether it is a new dish I am trying in a restaurant, a craft I have seen at a local street vendor or my newest find at my local department store, I am going to figure out how to make it. These gels that smelled so good were no exception. After research and through trial and error this recipe was the most consistent and fragrant.

Finally a use for all those empty glass candle jars. After cleaning they make excellent containers for the gel.

Items You will Need

1. Jars - You can use just about any clean small glass jar you have in your house. I recently made some out of small square jelly jars. If you want to make several small fragrance gels use clean baby food jars. This size is also good for putting a freshener in your car.

2. I have used both room fragrance drops and essential oil and both have their pros and cons. The oils fragrance last longer but they cost a little more. The fragrance drops are limited in the varieties that are available and the fragrance doesn't last as long.

3. food dye

4. 1 box ( 1 oz.) unflavored gelatin

5. 1 tbsp. salt

6. water 2 cups

Getting the Jars Ready

Place desired amount of food dye into each jar. Remember the more drops you put in the darker the end product will be.

Add 1 tsp. essential oil for baby food sized jars and 2 tsp. for candle sized jars

Use this Color Chart to make different colors.

Putting It All Together

Boil 1 cup of water in a pan. The gelatin that I buy has 4 packages. If you buy a different kind divide it in fourths. Using a wire whisk add 1 packet at a time to the water. After the gelatin dissolves, add the remaining cup of water and then the salt.

A few times while making this I have lumps that just won't come out. If this happens to you simply remove with a slotted spoon and throw away.

Remove the pan from the heat. Using a funnel carefully pour into the jars. Be careful as this mixture is very hot but work quickly so it doesn't cool off too much. I always have Popsicle sticks on hand so that's what I use to stir the ingredients in the jar together. A craft stick, old metal spoon or a baby food spoon would work too.

Allow 24 hours to set.

Cover with the lid if you have them. If you don't use handy wrap secured with a rubber band.

Cover the jars with holiday themed pieces of fabric. Secure with a rubber band. Then tie with a cute ribbon.

A Thoughtful Gift For All Occasions

The gels are excellent for gifts and using as a decoration.

Color the gel using the color scheme of the baby or bridal shower to place on table or to give in the goodie bags.

Make several different colors and fragrances for the upcoming Christmas holiday. They can be used for hostess gifts, church gift giving, teachers gifts, etc.

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