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easy lawn care tips

Updated on February 20, 2016
one green lawn
one green lawn | Source

Spring has arrived and that means extra lawn care for many of us. Since this can be translated into a lovely home, lawn care is among the top means of passing a warm, Spring weekend. We now give you a few hints to assist you in your yard work.

Regular Mowing

One important tip for lawn care i keeping the lawn mowed regularly and the mower's blades preserved in the right way. If you lawn mower is maintained, you will notice a difference when you cut with a sharper blade. The height of the blade can be configured by you but the typical setting is two or three inches. You also don't want to cut the grass too short. Slighter higher grass keeps in the moisture and provides shade for the soil. Short grass sis more prone to pests.

Watering the Lawn

The kind of grass is an influence on how much watering you will need to do. For instance, bluegrass calls for a half inch of water in one session while other kinds of grass. For the best lawn care results, you should learn what is required of you kind of grass. If you neglect to follow the requirements, your lawn will turn a bluish-gray shade. Morning is the most beneficial time for watering grass instead of the evening since the moisture will evaporate.

How to Handle Weeds

After you cut the grass regularity, weed control is apart of lawn care you will face every now and then. The best way to handle weeds is a complete uprooting and to replant the grass. Another issue to keep in mind regarding weeds is assorted kinds react in various ways to water. If you have a lawn that is constantly plague by weeds, water your lawn more frequently until they are gone.


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