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Eco Friendly Gifts That People Love

Updated on March 5, 2011

Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

While it is a pleasure to give a gift to someone you care about, finding that perfect gift can be difficult, especially if you are buying for the person who has everything. Also, the amount of packaging used for new products is often more than the size of the product itself, and where does that all end up? In a dump of course.

Why not buy products that are good for the environment? Products made from recycled or organic materials.

Think eco friendly gifts are boring? Well look again. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Recycled Metal Art

A lot of artists and now using recycled materials to create their art. Recycled metal is perfect for making sculptures because it is sturdy, durable and easy to work with and usually quite affordable.

One artist in Ontario, Jean Pierre Schoss of Dog Bite Steel uses recycled oil drums and other unwanted metal items to make fun recycled metal garden art including dogs and bunnies with bones, dancing moose, alligators and climbing frogs. His custom pieces include moose which stand ten feel tall or more. His work is playful and will bring a smile to every face.

Recycled Metal Garden Art for Your Favorite Gardener

Fun, whimsical and eco-friendly,recycled metal garden art makes a wonderful gift for you favorite gardener. Discarded bikes, trikes and auto parts, broken tools and nuts and bolts are the raw materials used by these eco-artists

Buy Fair Trade Products

There are many benefits to buying fair trade. The workers or artisans creating fair trade products are paid a fair wage for their products. When you buy a fair trade product you can feel comfortable knowing that it is not made by slave labour or by a child working 15 hours a day in deplorable conditions.

In addition when creating fair trade products the goal is to preserve the environment, rather than ravishing it for immediate gain. The objective is to develop a long-term sustainable business for the workers. Often fair trade products are made by individual artisans or small collectives so their products are often unique and one-of-a-kind.

Recycled Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

A beautiful eco friendly gift is a hand blown glass ornament. Kitras Art Glass has been creating striking hand blown glass ornaments, starfish and oil lamps for 20 years. All the clear glass in these products is 100% recycled.

Hang these ornaments outside from a trellis, pergola or tree and let the sun shine through. The glass starfish are my favorite and look great hanging inside or out.

On a warm summer night, fill the Kitras Glass oil lamps with citronella oil and enjoy a nice, romantic, bug free evening.

Flattened Wine Bottle Cheese Boards

A very popular host or hostess gift is a flattened wine bottle cheese board. These cheese boards are made from real wine bottles which have been flattened by a special heat process and then the labels are varnished on the back. They make a very unique and welcomed gift. Just add the matching bottle of wine and you will be sure to be invited back!

Recycled Art Glass Windows

These glass art windows are made from reclaimed wood and glass. They look stunning in the garden or in a bright window where the sunlight can shine through. If you get your hands on one of these glass art windows you will have a hard time parting with it - you will want to keep it for yourself!

Add Your Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

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    • Julia Morais profile image

      Julia Morais 6 years ago

      These are truly awesome gifts. Never heard of a flattened wine bottle before. Great lens!