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Egg Crate Mattress Pads: An economical solution for comfort?

Updated on December 4, 2012
Egg crate mattress pad photo.jpg *photo curtesy of allegro medical.
Egg crate mattress pad photo.jpg *photo curtesy of allegro medical.

For those of us whose happiness comes from the simple things in life, we know that one of the best things in life is a good, restful, comfortable nights sleep that re-energizes you for the next day. I personally had never thought about or heard of there being products out there that could take your sleeping experience from good to phenomenal. Then one day I stretched out across my aunts bed and thought that I had surely went to heaven and was lying on a bed of clouds. I thought that she surely must have spent a fortune on a mattress that was so unbelievably comfortable. She revealed to me that it was a mattress pad placed on top of her mattress. Unbelievable! There are several types of mattress pads out there.  Tempur-pedic is one of the preferred brands, but there are also other great options on the net. Since then I’ve been on a rampage to find a pad that not only gives me the same measure of luxury & comfort, but that is also somewhat economical.


The egg crate mattress pad (ECMP) fits the description best (feel good factor + economical). When compared to other mattress pads, egg crate pads may be a less expensive option, but do their job at satisfying in the comfort department. If you have ever had a day that just didn’t seem to begin right because of the fact that you had a poor nights sleep the night before, then you will be able to appreciate the ability this type of pad has to improve your comfort while sleeping. They are widely used by many pregnant women, & hospitals. In fact rehab clinics depend specifically on egg crate mattress pads to ensure that their patients recover comfortably. ECMP's are even considered to be perfect for patients whom have gone through spinal surgery. As for college students, the pads not only offer comfort but offer an excellent option for sanitary sleeping conditions as most college campus’s do not allow the students to bring full mattress’s into their dorm rooms. ECMP's prevent the students from having the sleep on a mattress that someone else has slept on before. Another reason they are perfect for college students, or those who travel is because of their ease of mobility. They are light weight and easy to transport. ECMP's definitely have a price advantage in comparison to other mattress pads depending on the width, length, and thickness that you choose.


A comfortable bed is a necessity. Adding a mattress pad to your bed will make it feel like you just went out and purchased a brand new bed. The reason behind why the foam egg crate mattress pad is so undeniably comfortable lies behind its design. The ECMP's are foam mattress toppers and are built with several bumps and dips that flow across the top of the pad resembling the inside of an egg carton. The bottom of the pad is completely flat, and is meant to be face down, while the dents and ridges stick up. The purpose of the egg-carton like bumps and dips, are to ensure good support, breath-ability, shock resistance, bed sores, reduction of pressure points, & heating during sleep. The pads are constructed of either a closed or an open cell foam. Higher quality ECMP's only contain medical grade, medium density urethane foam which has an open cell structure, and doesn’t contain any plastics. A better nights sleep is ahead for those who utilize the relaxing effects of an egg crate mattress pad. No more counting sheep!


While some people may prefer another type of mattress pad, ECMP's have certainly had great reviews. One woman who had to be on bed-rest for 15 weeks because of a high risk pregnancy says that the ECMP was a “god-send”, and that she “stayed comfortable 24-7 for the entire time”. A comfortable bed is a necessity. If you do not have padding on your bed now, you will be completely surprised at the difference adding an ECMP will make. Different people use their pads in different, or multiple ways to get the best use out of them. You can place them on top of any sort of mattress including water or air, inner spring, regular foam, latex, or feather or down. Some people even use a combination of 2 pads for maximum comfort. Whether you are going out of town for an unexpected trip, going to college for an extended stay, or simply want to make your every nights sleep better, then you will be pleased with the comfort, mobility, and the feeling of sanitary well-being that an egg crate mattress pad has to offer. I know I am!


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    • JasonPLittleton profile image

      JasonPLittleton 6 years ago

      WOW, beautiful hub.

    • FirstStepsFitness profile image

      FirstStepsFitness 7 years ago

      Welcome to HubPages ! Very informative hub definatly looking into this option .

    • bewisemyson profile image

      bewisemyson 8 years ago

      Your welcome sunbrite! Also I thought I would mention that there are several types of mattress pads. If you don't mind spending more money there are ones that actually are the same makeup of the termperpedic mattress's. They are called memory foam mattress pads. Give each a try before you make your decision. This hub focuses on the egg crate mattress pad because it is by far the more economical of the choices, yet still offers a measure of comfort.

    • sunbrite profile image

      sunbrite 8 years ago from USA

      Good hub, I never heard of the egg crate pad. Anything will bring comfort to my sleep is must to check out. Thanks!