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Who Wants An Electric Garlic Roaster?

Updated on February 1, 2011

An Electric Garlic Roaster

An Electric Garlic Roaster sure isn't what I would call an essential kitchen gadget, but, if you are at all like me once you have seen one of these handy electric garlic roasters you simply have to have one!

Sure you can roast the garlic in the oven on a baking tray but, apart from anything else, when you don't need the oven for anything else its just a terrible waste of energy.

With the electric garlic roaster you just need to plug it in, pop in your garlic with a bit of oil drizzled on and 30 minutes later you get perfectly roasted garlic, what could be more simple!

Use the garlic as a spread or in soups and other recipes.

Rosted Garlic Is Fantastic And It Has Health Benefits Too!

The health benefits of garlic are well documented and garlic is reputed to offer many benefits whether it is used in its natural form or as a supplement where you can get odourless garlic capsules, something that many people prefer for obvious reasons!

Anyway, if you love gadgets and use garlic as much as I do then you might just be wanting one of those neat little electric garlic roasters.

Roasted garlic has a completely different taste to garlic in its natural form, it isn’t bitter or pungent, it just imparts a lovely, sweet, nutty flavour when it is roasted.

And roasted garlic is divine, whether you add it to your gravies, sauces and favourite recipes or simply serve it on a piece of fresh crusty bread…. Mmmm my mouth waters at the mere thought!

Why But Why Would You Want An Electric Garlic Roaster?

Well, why wouldn’t you want an electric garlic roaster?

You could roast the garlic in your regular oven, you don’t really need an electric garlic roaster do you?

What do you mean you don’t need one? Trust me, of course you do!

Why heat up the whole regular oven and waste all of that energy when with an electric garlic roaster you can get perfect roast garlic without wasting all that energy! Its absolutely perfect if you just want to use the roast garlic for a snack on bread or even perhaps if you need it to add to a casserole that you will be doing in your crock pot!

The garlic roaster can roast three garlic bulbs at a time.
The garlic roaster can roast three garlic bulbs at a time.

The Electric Garlic Roaster Is So Easy To Use

How easy is this?

Get yourself a nice fat bulb of garlic and take a slice off the top. Drizzle a tablespoon or more of olive oil into the tray and pop in the garlic bulb (cut side down).

Plug in the electric garlic roaster and hit the switch then go away and do something else for about 30 minutes.

The electric garlic roaster will switch off when it is done and you will have a wonderfully caremelized, soft, gooey garlic bulb, which I can tell you goes wonderfully well with some nice fresh French bread.

If you wanted to then you could vary the flavors of your roasted garlic by tossing in some herbs as well such as rosemary or thyme.

Just In Case You Are Stuck For Ideas Of What To Do With All Of That Lovely Garlic

Are You A Garlic Lover Or Should Its Only Purpose Be For Warding Off Vampires? :)

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