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Outdoor Electric Heated Stair Mats - Ice and Snow Melting Stair Treads

Updated on July 3, 2013

Snow melting mats for outdoor stairs make sense if you get a lot of snow where you live and have issues with slippery and dangerous stairs during those icy winter months. Good heated stair treads will easily melt away snow and ice to turn hazardous slippery steps into a much more safer prospect for all involved. They are good for your home to prevent yourself, you kids, visitors etc. from slipping and falling and they are even better for your place of business where a customer slipping could prove to be a costly expense for you.

A heated stair mat for melting snow plugs plugs into your main power supply and will heat up to melt even the most stubborn ice and snow accumulation. Left running, you're unlikely to see anything but a clear set of stairs but even when turned on after a heavy snow fall they make short work of the accumulated powder too. Each individual electric heated stair tread can be chained together so no matter how many steps you have to deal with, it's easy to make your own configuration and if you move and need to add another step, then just buy one more and link it up.

Electric snow melting mats for stairs are typically made from rubberized material with concealed heating element sealed inside. They offer a way to melt snow without the use of abrasive chemicals which is a benefit for your home if you have pets, children or just simply would rather not pollute your enviroment with such things. The rubber surface also provides a non-slip tread surface in good or bad weather.

Choosing the right heated non-slip rubber stair mats is a matter of finding the right choise for your needs. The following selection are well reviewed and will do the job just fine.

See A Time Lapse Video Demonstration of HeatTrak Snow Melting Mats In Operation

This short 40 second video shows a sped up demonstration of the HeatTrak snow melting pads in operation so you can see just how well they perform melting ice and powder off a pathway even during a snow shower. Despite the snow building up all around the path stays non-slippery and clear.

Why Buy Non-Slip Heated Stair Treads

Every year there are frightening number of injuries and millions of dollars spent on hospital bills caused by slipping on ice and whist many of those falls may be unpreventable there are still many which are. Falls on stairs are particularly dangerous because of the additional height from which the slipping person will fall so it makes sense to protect yourself and your loved ones, or your visitors from injury by ensuring they remain free from ice and snow. It's tempting to go the old fashioned way and throw down salt or boiling water but this causes problems all of it's own. These methods can cause wetness which refreezes under cold conditions to be covered later by a layer of snow hiding its slipperyness for the next victim to come along. A heated snow melting mat or electic heated stair tread system for melting slippery ice melts the snow and keeps it melted.

There are numerous scenarios where you might want to use heated stair treads. Say for example, your place of business has a step or two leading up to the entryway. You want to protect your customers and employees from slips and also yourself from the potential lawsuits which may follow from any injury they may incur.

If you have elderly relatives who live in a home with steps then again it makes sense to protect their well-being by ensuring slippery stairs do not cause them unecessary and painful injury during those winter months. Slips and falls amongst the elderly can be very serious at any time but combine that with freezing temperatures and this kind of fall at home could prove deadly.

Keeping your home pathway clear of snow is important for yourself, your family and visitors to your home. A good heated snow shovel can keep pathways clear or a heated mat or two can do the job without shoveling. Heated treads for stairs keep the steps up to your house, or steps along a garden path for example clear and safe so your kids can play in the snow without you having to worry about potentially dangerous slips and falls on the stairs.

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  • TransplantedSoul profile image


    6 years ago

    Our front steps are a hazard. I will have to look into these. I've wiped out a few times!

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Oh, I really need to get one for Mom, before next winter.

  • TreasuresBrenda profile image

    Treasures By Brenda 

    7 years ago from Canada

    Brilliant idea. We need one today that will cover our entire driveway, which is covered with ice.


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