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electric ice shaver

Updated on September 12, 2010

On hot summer days nothing beats a scoop of snow, to eat!But for that you´ll need a good electric ice shaver.The best ice shaver for the money.Many think that electric ice shaver used in home is no match to a commercial ice shaver, and they´re pretty much right.But everyone can get a near perfect ice shaver machine for personal use only.

For me it´s almost impossible to get through a hot summer day without a snow cone.It has become a tradition of some kind.For me it´s very important to have a reliable and compact.I also own a restaurant.Because we had a really hot summer, we installed a High-speed ice shaver, because snow cones were a huge hit in this summer.

To make your life a little bit easier, I´ve made a small list of some of the best electric ice shavers.

Electric ice shaver.
Electric ice shaver.

White ice shaver

This handy ice shaver makes snow cones, slushies, margaritas and other frozen treats quickly.

With this electric ice shaver everyone can make their favorite ice drinks easily.This electric ice shaver also features a large container for collecting shaved ice.It uses regular ice cubes.This electric ice shaver does the job easily and quickly.This ice shaver machine is very quiet as well.

It has very few parts to clean, and they all go right into the dish-washer.And it´s safe to use.

Overall a great product from Hamilton Beach.It´s almost perfect ice shaver machine, and I highly recommend it for personal use.It can handle a lot of volume at a hot summer day, but it´s compact and doesn´t take much space.This is what some of the hundreds of users of this product have said about it :

"Lots of fun to be had with this excellent product! Also, I'm sure it has to be a lot healthier to be eating snow-cones than ice cream!"

"I'm a huge slush-puppie fan and decided to order this little guy based on the reviews and price. Since receiving it a few days ago, I've been extremely satisfied. It's very simple to use and clean."

"Love this Snow Cone machine!"

Commercial ice shaver

 This is probably the best ice shaver money can buy.It has insulated double-wall hopper reduces noise and keeps ice cold.

User-friendly automatic cycle buttons for serving size and number of servings. 3-way sensor technology for jar pad, hopper, and drain.It also features a heavy-duty shaver blade made from durable stainless steel.

I bought this for my restaurant and I couldn´t be more happy with it.It´s a heavy-duty machine, it´s extremely easy to use, because of the display it features.It seems to be a extremely durable and high-quality product that will probably last for years.It comes with a 2-year warranty.If you are looking for a commercial ice shaver, then this is highly recommended.

Shaved ice machine

Manufactured to be the best, Paragon's selection of shaved ice machines is second to none. Using the Little Snowie ice shaver is not only entertaining, but safe and easy.

This is a good machine with real shaved ice.The shaved ice it produces is far better than normal ice shaving machines.It also has a solid and durable construction, it also has high-impact quality plastic.It´s durable and a very reliable product.It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Overall an excellent product from Paragon.This produc is highly recommended to everyone, who wants a decent snow cone without standing in a line.Here´s what some of the users of this product have said :

"Ok...I agree that it's a little expensive, but when you stop at the neighborhood snow cone place, stand in line for 45min. in 105 degree temps, it was worth it to buy our own machine. And the quality from this one is just as good as the one up the street that is PACKED everyday during the summer. Wish I would have bought this earlier in the would have paid for itself by now!"

"This thing works like a charm, makes perfect shave ice snow cones and is compact enough to be easy to store."

"I bought this for my youth group and the kids say it's as good or better shaved ice than we buy up town at the Paradise Snow stand."


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