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Find The Electric Roaster Oven You Need

Updated on November 24, 2016

Electric Roaster Ovens Aren't Just for Turkeys!

Cook juicier turkeys and hams with an electric roaster oven, a handy kitchen helper for entertaining, Thanksgiving dinner, and everyday cooking.

They're not just for roasting, either. They can bake, steam, slow cook, and keep food warm for a party or holiday buffet. They also make a great wedding gift or housewarming gift for anyone who loves to cook or entertain. It's like having an extra oven.

If you are turkey-challenged and tired of dried-out birds and all-day holiday cooking, if you need more cooking space for entertaining, or if you just want to do countertop cooking, try a roaster for practically foolproof cooking.

Because the food is cooked in a confined cooking space, electric roaster ovens provide more efficient cooking, often reducing cooking time, and resulting in moist, juicy meat. Discover more benefits and uses of this versatile kitchen appliance.

Where to Buy 22 Quart Electric Roaster Ovens

Large Electric Roaster Oven for Sale

Here is Hamilton Beach's extra large electric roaster oven, in a beautiful stainless steel finish.

Hamilton Beach 22-Quart Roaster Oven >>

This model has a 22-quart capacity and multiple heat settings up to 450 degrees F for roasting baking, steaming, slow-cooking, and serving. For holiday cooking, this roaster accommodates a turkey up to 24 pounds.

The heating element is located in the inner wall and wraps around the interior. The lid is made of aluminum and the cookwell insert is steel with FDA-approved porcelain enamel. It comes with a removable insert pan and wire rack for easily lifting contents from the roaster.

What's missing?: The temperature control is marked with 50-degree intervals, but it would be nice if there were markings to indicate the roasting setting, the steaming setting, etc. You'll have to consult the manual for suggested temperature settings.

Top Rated Roaster Oven for Sale Online

Hamilton Beach 18 Quart Electric Roaster

Your new roaster will make a handy alternative to a conventional oven. This model heats up to 450 degrees F for roasting, baking, and other cooking.

The removable enamel-on-steel insert pan is dishwasher safe. It includes a buffet lid, a lift-out wire rack, and a removable pan for easy cleanup.

18 Quart Roaster Ovens

Nesco Electric Roaster Oven Review

The Nesco roaster can take care of multiple cooking tasks. There are settings for roasting, baking (in a pan, or directly in the cookwell), steaming, slow cooking, and serving (warming), anywhere between 200 and 450 degrees F.

Get the Nesco Classic Roaster Oven >>

For holiday cooking, the 18-quart size fits a 22-pound turkey.

All Nesco roasters have the "Circle of Heat" heating element that wraps all the way around the sides (instead of just being at the bottom) for even cooking. This allows hot air to circulate around the food.

There's a removable steel rack both for roasting (to allow the fat to drip off) and to easily lift casserole dishes and pans out of the unit. You can get your choice of Porcelain, Stainless, or Nonstick cookwell. Try the porcelain or stainless steel version if you have concerns about the nonstick material.

Nesco Buffet Inserts

These buffet inserts are perfect for holiday entertaining. Keep your dishes warm and let your guests serve themselves. These can be used in any 18-quart roaster to keep food warm and for serving. Put these inserts into your roaster and set it to the "warm/serving" temperature setting.

Use the three sections for a taco bar, side dishes, or any 3 dishes that you want to keep warm throughout the festivities. The inserts are nonstick and dishwasher safe.

Rival Electric Roaster Ovens

The 18-quart roaster can cook large roasts and turkeys up to 18 pounds. If you think you’ll want to do your casseroles in it, bump up to the 22-quart roaster so that your casserole dish will fit.

Rival boasts that their electric roaster "cooks up to 30% faster and with up to 77% less energy than a traditional oven." The temperature is adjustable from 150 to 450 degrees F for roasting, baking, and serving.

It comes with a removable steel roasting rack for lifting contents from the roaster. The lid hooks onto metal tabs above the handle, which act as a handy lid rest.

The removable roasting pan is made of enamel-on-steel.

Ham in a Roaster Oven
Ham in a Roaster Oven | Source

What Can I Use My Roaster For?

Everyday Uses of an Electric Roaster Oven

* Roaster ovens are not just for turkeys.

Cook roasted chicken with vegetables, pot roast, pork tenderloin, lamb, ribs, soups, stews, chili and more.

* Use your own baking pans inside of the roaster to bake cakes, cookies, and casseroles.

* Use a low setting for thawing frozen food.

* Use it instead if the oven to bake and roast in the summertime, when you want to keep your house cool.

Oster buffet insert in use
Oster buffet insert in use

Ways to Use a Roaster for Holiday Cooking & Entertaining

Electric Roasting Pans

* Put your main dish in the roaster and save your full-size oven for sides and desserts. It can be the second oven you've always wanted.

* Roaster ovens are handy for entertaining at parties, potlucks, and large gatherings.

With a buffet insert, roasters can be used as a warmer, and to serve various dishes out of.

* Your holiday cooking schedule will no longer be hostage to the turkey. Just set it and forget it. You don't have to hover and watch over your turkey while it cooks.

* Use it to roast your Easter ham.

Roasted Ham
Roasted Ham

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Roaster Ovens

What size roaster should I get for a turkey?

It depends on the size of the turkey (in pounds). Manufacturers usually list maximum turkey size in their product descriptions. Be sure to look for it.

What size roaster should I get for a ham?

An 18 quart electric roaster oven can accommodate a ham, but be sure to think about all the different things you might want to cook in your roaster oven when choosing a size.

Can I use an electric roaster to keep foods warm on a buffet?

Yes, an electric roaster oven is great for warming, and more energy efficient, too. Just set it to the "warm" temperature setting (or if the oven doesn't have presets, set it to 200-250 degrees F). You can even use a buffet insert if you have several different dishes that you need to keep warm.

Can you bake in an electric roaster oven? How do I use a roaster oven for baking?

Baking in it is a great idea, especially in the summer when you don't want to heat up your whole house. Just put your batter or dough in a baking pan, and put the pan inside the roaster. Set the roaster to the "baking" setting or the temperature setting you would use in a regular oven (usually 350 degrees F).

Electric Roaster Oven Cooking Tips

DON'T lift the lid during cooking. All the heat will escape, even more so than in a conventional oven.

Put your turkey in the oven for the last 20 minutes to brown.

Electric Roasters get hot on the outside. Always use caution.

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