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Electric Security Gates Help Prevent Theft

Updated on October 12, 2010

Keeping your business assets in your possession is hard enough with the rampant employee theft that transpires on an almost daily basis; much less, the outside criminal forces that are constantly trying to invade your commercial business for their own personal gains. Using electric security gates help prevent theft by the outside elements that prefer to profit from others, then going out on their own, and creating a living for themselves. You may think adding such devices, and shields may be too costly of a prospect to prevent future crimes against your company, but it is an investment that will pay for itself over a period. It will on a yearly basis help cut down on losses, and start getting some of that red ink off your accounting ledger.

Electric Security Gates

There are two ways of handling the comings and goings of people on your commercial property with security gates. You can first just add automatic gate openers, and hand out remotes to personal that are constantly coming and going during the day to profit your business. Then leave it up to a receptionist or someone who has a clear line of sight to the gate to allow vendors, job applicants, and others who have legitimate business with you currently.

Automatic Gate Openers

The second method is to have a security guard with a small building next to the gate, and have him or her engage each person coming or going. This ads another element to your security, as the psychology of human interaction will further prevent theft, as the person stealing your property will have thoughts of being caught by the guard. This of course will not work with people that are labeled as psychopaths, and they will continue to take whatever they want without remorse. They do not feel badly for actions that hurt others, and it will take them being caught red handed to reduce their thievery.

Secuirty Gate Photos

Electric security gates
Electric security gates

Security Gates

Security gates are in all reality more of a visual-aide in the preventing a theft from occurring, as it conjures up more work, and possible exposure to what your garden variety crook does for a living. People who steal items as a vocation are stereotypically lazy at best, and will find the kinder, softer targets to obtain what they are looking for to trade for cash. So the more grandiose the barrier, the more likely eighty percent of these leeches on society will avoid your property at all costs. There is a happy medium in business and home security applications, just slowly add what you think you need as situations arise, and you will find that perfect security solution.


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