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Englander Latex Mattress

Updated on March 24, 2010

Are you tired of sleeping on your spring mattress?  A new type of mattress to hit the market is the Englander latex mattress.  People are becoming more and more interested in green mattresses.  The green mattress means that it is made of natural material.  People also like latex mattresses become it is more buoyant and elastic than the traditional spring mattress.  Another benefit of owning an Englander latex mattress is that it lessen the likely of you having allergies.  These mattresses don’t harbor bacteria or dust mites like other types of mattresses. 

The Englander latex mattress has a dense surface and also it is very elastic, which allows the mattress to conform to your body.  A spring mattress would not conform to your body.  Instead, the springs push against your body which causes stress on your pressure points.

When picking an Englander latex mattress, there are two things to consider.  You can either get a synthetic or natural latex mattress.  Synthetic latex is made from chemicals while natural latex is made from the sap of rubber trees.  Although they are both latex, the natural latex may have a different feel for some people.  You should try both types of latex mattresses before you buy. 

When you go buy an Englander latex mattress, you can either buy online or in stores.  The benefit of buying in stores is that you get to try out the mattress before you buy.  This is good if you have no idea what type of mattress you want.  However, if you do have a specific mattress in mind, you may want to purchase online since there might be good deals.  When buying an Englander latex mattress, make sure you buy from a reputable seller.  This ensures that the mattress you are buying is up to standards and that you are not getting ripped off.  Also be sure that the seller offers a period of time for you to return your Englander latex mattress should it not work out for you.


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