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Fix Your Posture.., Get an Ergonomic Computer Chair

Updated on July 3, 2017

If your job requires you to be in front of the computer for lengthy of hours, the chances of you to develop a back pain, numbness on the legs and even headache is quite high. It is not uncommon for people to have sore all over the body after sitting at the desk, buried away at paperwork and losing track of time while trying to accomplish the tasks given.

Being stationary at the desk for too long without any 'big' movement is definitely not good for the body and to solve this problem, you can use an ergonomic computer chair. Ergonomic computer chair is specially designed to help the user to keep a good sitting posture while working and thereby reducing tiredness, enhancing alertness and maximizing productivity. Most importantly, it can prevent repetitive strain injuries that can lead to long term disability over time.

An ergonomic computer chair is designed to alleviate injuries in mind when one is in a sitting position for a lengthy amount of time. In fact, the longer you spend time finishing your task, the more alert you tend to be; it's like you won't feel tired at all even after working continuously for few hours.

Since an ergonomic design chair is very essential for today's working environment, there is no reason why you aren't having one. There are lots of varieties of such ergonomic chair available in the market such as impressive futuristic designs, color, shape, shade and as well as size that compliment your needs and working environment.

Ergonomic Computer Chair: This one is a bit extreme
Ergonomic Computer Chair: This one is a bit extreme

There are few things that you should take note when looking for the right chair; get one that can compliment your physic, therapeutic and as well as aesthetic needs.

Basically, our body regardless of age will tend to develop pain after sitting or standing for long hours.

So the chair of your choice must help to reduce if not eliminate entirely the body aches, tired neck and shoulders and lower back pains. These are the symptoms of being seated for extended of hours, most people do not realize this until these pains show up.

A good ergonomic computer chair allows you to have a considerable movement around your workplace, moving from your computer to the phone, or to the desk pad or filling cabinets without any problem. Just a little push and you can do all these thing easily.

Apart from that, an ergonomic desk chair should have comfortable arm rest, adjustable back and head rest and also not forgetting about the supplementary lumbar support pillow, which is very essential for your back support.

Tips on Choosing The Right Ergonomic Computer Chair

Ergonomic Computer Chair
Ergonomic Computer Chair
Netsurfer Ergonomic Computer Chair
Netsurfer Ergonomic Computer Chair

Choosing the right ergonomic computer chair is extremely important as getting the wrong one will resulting in back pain and you might even develop repetitive strain injury (RSI) in the long run. Whether you will be sitting at your computer desk for long hour due to work or just for leisure net surfing activity, it is very essential that you select the chair which is best for your muscles, tendons and posture.

Below are some of the tips to help you in selecting the best ergonomic computer chair:

  1. Seat Height - The height of the chair should be adjustable so that you can adjust it according to the optimum height that you feel comfortable while sitting on it. Most computer chairs (even the office desk chair) today has this adjustable feature using a pneumatic lever where you can simply pull it to change the height. The most ideal height for working on the computer desk is when your feet are flat on the floor without stretching and that your thighs are horizontal.
  2. Seat Width and Depth - The width of the ergonomic computer chair should fit you without needing your to squeeze in, preferably with a little space on the left and right, so that you can easily move your body to release some tension. The depth should also be enough so that your back can rest against the back of the chair and the back of your knees are away from its edge, if not your knees will feel uncomfortable after long hours sitting on it. Although the back should be a little bit tilted, it is better that you select one that could be adjusted to straight up than having one which is fixed and permanently tilted.
  3. Arm Support - It is preferably that you choose one that comes with adjustable arm support. Most desk chair has fixed arm support that goes up and down as you adjust the height of the chair. This might seem to be alright for most but for better ergonomic, it is better that you get one with independent adjustable arm supports. When typing on the keyboard, your elbows should be resting on the arm rest with your forearms just above it. This position will not strain and tense your arms even if you are remaining in such position for long hour.
  4. Back Support - The back support is a very important feature of an ergonomic chair. When you are not sitting correctly in a chair, it is most likely that the lower region of your back which is most likely to give you pain (from the coccyx up to just under your ribs). Try it on a normal seat with or without back support and you will get what I mean. An ergonomic computer chair should be able to offer you support for your curved lower back and it should be adjustable to suit the natural shape of your spine.
  5. Head Support - Not all desk computer chairs have a head support but for the overall ergonomic design, this should be available. Preferably, get one with adjustable so that you can lay your head on it while typing; this can help prevent neck pain when sitting long hour on the computer desk.
  6. Swivel - Any good office computer chair will have swivel these days. This feature enables you to reach anywhere on your desk without stretching or involve big body movement.
  7. Material (leather of fabric?) - A leather or vinyl ergonomic computer chair might seem best (it looks more elegant and classy), however, that isn't always necessary. A breathable fabric or mesh is significantly better than a material that will cause you to sweat easily.

Do you use an ergonomic computer chair at home and/or office?

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Mobo Ergonomic Computer Station - Unboxing & Assembling


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  • profile image


    5 years ago

    Thank you for adding the unboxing video. I was thinking of buying one, but definitely not anymore after seeing it bounce around!

    Thank you for saving me money!

  • KenWu profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Malaysia

    thanks, david!


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