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Eureka Quick Up Cordless 2 in 1 Vacuum

Updated on April 27, 2013

Cordless 2 in 1 Sweeper from Eureka

If you have never had the pleasure of using a Cordless Sweeper before then you are going to be absolutely delighted with this fabulous Cordless floor cleaner from Eureka.

Gone are the days of having the inconvenience of a trailing electric lead that never seems quite long enough. The Eureka is cordless and will reach into every nook and cranny with no effort at all.

It is so easy and convenient to use that your floors will soon be cleaner than ever before. Order from Amazon today and get FREE Supersaver shipping to your door.

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Eureka Cordless is Bagless
Eureka Cordless is Bagless

Eureka Cordless 2 in 1 is Bagless

A great feature of the Eureka Cordless is that you don't need a special bag to collect the dust.

It has a collection chamber that can easily be emptied into the bin and then you're good to go!

Not only is this convenient and environmentally friendly but it saves money too

Eureka 2 in 1 hand vac
Eureka 2 in 1 hand vac

Eureka 2 in 1 is also a Hand Vac

Not only is the Eureka a brilliant carpet and hard floor sweeper but it also provides a great hand vac option as well.

So just by removing the handle, your upright vac is transformed into a hand vac so that you only need to buy one appliance.

So you will always have the right vac on hand - how easy is that?

Eureka Quick Up Cordless is Easy to Store
Eureka Quick Up Cordless is Easy to Store

Eureka Quick Up Cordless is Easy to Store

The Eureka Quick up Cordless is very easy to store and comes complete with a wall-mounting kit that also doubles as a battery charging base.

So no more excuses - pick up and clean in no time at all. This i the best vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning

The handle is easy to attach and remove which makes storage easy and neat

Go on - Treat yourself !

See how easy the Eureka Quick-up Cordless is to use - This is Nick's test on crumbs and potting soil!

Do you prefer Corded or Cordless?

Will your next vacuum be a corded or cordless model?

Eureka Quick Up Cordless w/Bonus Battery Pack, 96JZ

Eureka also offer the option of a Quick Up Cordless 2 in 1 96 JZ which comes complete with an additional battery pack.  Although the battery charge last for around 45 minutes, some people will find it useful to have a spare battery pack for extended cleaning periods or if they need to clean before the recharge is complete - for example if you have a pet who sheds lots of fur!
This cleaner is so useful that you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Ideal for Carpets and Hard Floors

Ideal for Carpets and Hard Floors
Ideal for Carpets and Hard Floors

10 Reasons to Buy a Eureka Quick Up Cordless 2 in 1

  1. Convenience - no ties & no unplugging when you move from room to room
  2. Lightweight (just four pounds) - Ideal for my elderly Mum
  3. Easily converts from stick vacuum to handheld vac
  4. Bagless and very easy to empty
  5. Versatile - floors, couches, stairs, counters, cars and more
  6. Great battery life - up to 45 minutes of continuous cleaning
  7. Fanstatic if you have pets - Picks up pet hair, cat litter and food crumbs
  8. Attractive design and freestanding for storage
  9. Easy to manoever around furniture, up stairs and all florr surfaces
  10. Excellent and affordable price

My Review of Eureka Quickup Cordless 2 in 1

Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum, 96H
Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum, 96H

This is such a great improvement on the traditional corded vacuum cleaner. It is so easy to use being light and easily manoeverable.

Not only does it practically encourage daily use but it is a super little cleaner both in stick and hand form.

And at this price from Amazon with Free Super Saver Shipping, just click the BUY button now - you will be so pleased that you did!


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    • profile image

      LadyDuck 4 years ago

      These cordless cleaners look interesting. Sometimes is practical not having a cord attached.

    • LindseyKrelle profile image

      LindseyKrelle 4 years ago

      @artbyrodriguez: Thank you so much - it is very kind of you to take the time to give such useful feedback. I'll make sure to check my bio in the light of your tips. SquidHug :-)

    • artbyrodriguez profile image

      Beverly Rodriguez 4 years ago from Albany New York

      Really nice and informative review. I'm all for convience, so I like this product. RocketSquid tip...customize the bio for this lens using key words from the introcuction title. Good work!