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Evaporative Swap Coolers Sale

Updated on July 4, 2014

Portable Evaporative Swap Cooler

I grew up in California and didn't use air conditioning most of that time. The most common cooling appliance was a barrel swap cooler. I thought everyone knew about them until over the years I realized (after a bit of travel and social media friends) it isn't as common as I once thought.

So I decided to make this page about an amazing portable unit which is priced right and would make a great alternative to more expensive options while the heat wave gets worse and the air conditioning units are overworked, breaking down, or ready to retire.

This is a trusted brand with great reviews. I personally love this one because it is remote control.

Before you decide on what unit to use first make sure your climate and temperature are suitable to this kind of unit. In most cases these are recommended for dry conditions. The drying the better since this unit will be adding moisture to the air it will also act as a humidifier.

Many of the units are perfect for adding cool water (or even ice cubes) so the breeze created is cool and refreshing.

On humid days (which we have occasionally) you aren't going to feel this is as effective. But, I've discovered anything under 50% humidity and under 90 degrees F works well with this kind of cooling.

Benefits are many, but, the most important benefit is the savings! If you compare the price of the unit and the utility bill between

Image Credit Honeywell Indoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Remote Control

Create Cool Refreshing Air

While this is a portable unit I find it a bit hard to move when it is operational. It is easier to move when it has no water in it. When full it is a bit difficult. If you want it moved after it is full of water you might wait until the unit uses the water or find someone with some muscle to help out. Two people can move it easily.

A portable unit provides a great personal cool refreshing air flow so I can be more comfortable on hot days. We have been having triple digit temperatures for several weeks now and the swap cooler is great! There have been a few times when we needed to use an additional fan to move the air outside. This is usually when the humidity is a bit higher than 50% or after running a shower, dishwasher, or clothes dryer.

Using a backup box fan will move the humid air out of the house faster. And it can be used to extend the cooling area of a portable. For example: Set this in the living area and then one room away set up a box fan. So it is taking in air from the living area and blowing it into another room (the kitchen for example)

Vent and Improve Function

One important thing about using an evaporative swamp cooler is to keep a window cracked a bit open to improve the airflow. If you keep all the windows closed (as you would for an air conditioning unit) you will not experience the maximum benefits. However, when you crack open a window or prop open a door (even a couple of inches) you will discover a continuous flow of cool air.

This might be one of the barriers to using this kind of cooling option. If you live in an area where leaving a window a bit open is problematic then you might want to explore solutions to that first.

Make sure the window has a screen to keep out bugs.

Make sure the screen is locked from the inside or the window is blocked so it can not open more (for security).

We are using a barred screen door (so it is locked and secure) with a wood wedge to hold the door a bit open (about two inches).

Whatever the issue is find a way to vent the air to improve the results.

If there is not option for opening a door or window then perhaps you can use your over the hood vent (over the oven) or other smaller ventilation options.

Humidifier Essential Oil Option

The Evaporative Swamp Cooler is a natural humidifier. Humidifiers have a great purpose when your climate is dry. I like this unit because it has a top loading ice area (in addition to almost 8 gallon water capacity). I will put a couple of drops of rose essential oil in the ice area (with ice) to create a refreshing moist aromatic effect.

If you have ever walked into a florist shop in the summer and found yourself taking a deep relaxing breath as soon as you sensed the change in the air, then you might get this. I have long loved the sense of a moist coolness with the scent of flowers. I love to use the rose aroma the most. Occasionally I will also try lavender (very relaxing).

Rose Premium Grade Fragrance Oil - Perfume Oil - 10ml
Rose Premium Grade Fragrance Oil - Perfume Oil - 10ml

If you are using essential oil for aromatic purposes be sure it is premium grade. You will be breathing the air and it should be healthy air for you and your pets and children.

An organic lavender essential oil can create a great relaxing room for sleeping children as well.


How Do You Cool Your Home In Summer?

The featured evaporative swap cooler is easy to use!
The featured evaporative swap cooler is easy to use!

Which appliance do you use to cool your home?

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More Recommendations and Reviews by GypsyOwl

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Thanks again for dropping by. I hope you have a comfortable summer!

Do you need to cool your home in the summer? How long is your 'summer' where you live?

How do you keep cool?

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  • GypsyOwl profile image

    Deb Bryan 3 years ago from Chico California

    @Joan4: Thank you, Joan4. That is the only downside is this isn't very effective when the humidity goes above 50% otherwise it is great and saves a lot of money compared to AC utilities cost.

  • profile image

    Joan4 3 years ago

    This would be so cost effective, but in our area, the humidity is so high, I don't think it would cool much. thank you for your super information!