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Evolution Rage Circular Saw That Cuts Through Hidden Nails and Screws

Updated on April 3, 2017
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I strive to balance aesthetics, functionality, and quality with costs when planning DIY projects in the home and garden.

Evolution Rage Circular Saw
Evolution Rage Circular Saw
Evolution Power Tools RAGE 1 7-1/4-Inch TCT Multipurpose Cutting Circular Saw
Evolution Power Tools RAGE 1 7-1/4-Inch TCT Multipurpose Cutting Circular Saw

This magnificent multipurpose circular saw is the one featured in this review and one which I highly recommend as a good quality all-purpose durable and reliable saw.


The Ideal Circular Saw for DIY Enthusiast

The Evolution Rage Circular Saw gives a clean cut through wood and the saw blade is engineered to cut through soft metal without blunting; which makes it the ideal circular saw for DIY Enthusiast. It This is what really impressed me and why I decided to buy this all-purpose electric circular saw, and sure enough its wonderful how with no effort it does cut through those hidden nails and screws in old timber (like butter) without any damage or blunting to the saw blade.

Previously I had an old cheap circular saw that never really cut straight and smooth and I'd often end up using a jig saw and plane to cut and smooth the wood; which isn't ideal so I was grateful to find this superb replacement.

Below is my personal review of this most wonderful electrical power tool, including photos and a video I made giving a demonstration of the Evolution Rage Circular Saw in action.

Evolution Power Tools RAGE 230 9-Inch TCT Multipurpose Cutting Circular Saw
Evolution Power Tools RAGE 230 9-Inch TCT Multipurpose Cutting Circular Saw

This model is just like the one I use and reviewed here, excepting for having a larger blade; which has to be a bonus when cutting thick timber. The Evolution Rage I use easily cuts sheet wood and timber of 2 x 4 inch but would reach its limit at 4 x 4” timber; whereas this magnificent beast would the cut the 4 x 4 inch wood easily.


Using the Evolution Rage to Cut Timber to Width

Demonstration of the Saw in Action

This is a short video I made to demonstrate the Evolution Rage Circular Saw in Action cutting the width of a piece of new timber; from experience, and from the specifications of the saw, if the timber had been old reclaimed or recycled timber with hidden nails or screws then the saw would cut right through them like butter without blunting the blade.

Of all the circular saws I’ve ever used these Evolution Rage saws are the most spectacular, with their Tungsten Carbide-Tipped (TCT) blades they’ll cut through just about anything with ease and not blunt; which makes it a great saw when working on old recycled and reclaimed timber where there is always a risk of hidden nails and screws.

Review - Finding the Perfect Circular Saw

What My Friends Use and What the Web Says

So the search was on for that perfect circular saw; first I asked my friends and had a good look at what they used. One, a retired builder, advocated the Dewalt as a good reliable and durable piece of kit but he suggested I should also look at the Evolution Rage circular saws. The other friend, who's also a DIY enthusiast, passionately advocated the Makita.

Normally, when buying a new power tool I would consider the Dewalt as my first choice. I've had power tools from various manufacturers over the years and whereas other makes have been less than satisfactory Dewalt has never let me down and their power tools' have always exceeded my expectations; so I was starting from a biased position in favour of the Dewalt.

However, as it was a major purchase I wanted to be through in my research and make an informed decision where my purchase would meet my expectations. So the hunt was on, I ploughed through the official sites for these and other models and compared their specs; I visited user blogs and review sites and the more I researched the more the Evolution Rage stood out for me.

Rage Power Saw
Rage Power Saw
Evolution Power Tools RAGE-B 7-1/4-Inch Multipurpose Cutting Circular Saw
Evolution Power Tools RAGE-B 7-1/4-Inch Multipurpose Cutting Circular Saw

7.25 inch multipurpose 15 Amp circular saw designed to cut wood, metal and plastics. This saw is a cheaper model to the one above, but equally good; there’s not much difference between the two models except this is a more compact design with the main handle being closer to the body and more to one side rather than at the back.


The Power of the Blade

The Importance of a Good Blade

Yes the Dewalt’s are good and the Makita wasn’t bad either, but what swung it for me in opting for the Evolution Rage circular saw was the blade. The Rage comes with an excellent blade pre-fitted that cuts through just about anything with ease without damage or blunting, including soft metal and stone. I discovered the stone bit by accident when on one occasion I did the unforgivable and placed the circular saw down on a patio slab while the blade was still spinning; it cut a deep channel in the patio slab before the blade stopped with no damage to the blade. The lesson learnt, is when you let go of the power switch wait for the blade to stop spinning before laying the circular saw down.

In other words, if there are hidden nails or screws in the wood you’re cutting then the blade of the Evolution Rage circular saw will just cut right through it like butter; cool. Also, unlike the Evolution Rage, many circular saws you buy come with cheap blades that are best thrown away and replaced with a good quality blade; and as blades are expensive if you want a quality saw with a quality blade then it does up the price of the product.

It’s for these reasons I opted for the Rage saw, which I purchased a few years ago and have well used since; and it has exceeded all my expectations.

The Rage Saw Blade
The Rage Saw Blade

Cutting Timber to Width

If You Don't Have a Suitable Bench or Band Saw

If like me you don’t have a bench or band saw for cutting widths of timber then with the saw guide the Rage circular saw does a good job here, as demonstrated in the video below, making a truly versatile tool. And the offcuts don’t go to waste; they’re always useful as battens and beading in other DIY projects. The offcuts can be routed with a router for decorative beading on cupboard doors or cut to size for shelf supports; the uses are endless.

Cutting timber to width in this way may mean clamping up a couple of times e.g. when the saw reaches the clamp, stopping, repositioning the clamps to behind the saw cut and then continuing; but the end result is well worth it. For cutting long bits of timber if your workbench or portable workbench isn’t big enough a sturdy patio table can make a handy makeshift work bench provided you’re careful and don’t cut off the edge of the table with the saw by accident. And because of the sheer size and power of the saw and the quality of the saw blade, provided you use the saw sensibly, you’ll almost always end up with a good job well done.

Cutting timber width with a circular saw
Cutting timber width with a circular saw

Using Clamps and Saw Guide to Cut Timber

Safety First

When using power tools, as with any other tools, safety should always be your first concern.

  1. Always clamp down your work properly and double check for any potential lateral movement.

  2. If powered from the mains always ensure the cable is behind you e.g. put the cable over your shoulder, and

  3. Never put your fingers or hand in front of or anywhere near the blade, and ensure nothing such as long hair or loose clothing can get trapped in the blade.

Using clamps and saw guide to cut timber
Using clamps and saw guide to cut timber

A Simple Wood Cut

If you want to cut a piece of timber to length do you tend to reach for the hand saw or set it up to cut with a power saw?

See results

Your favourite power saws and your DIY experiences

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