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Fabric Shavers Save Your Clothes and Furniture and You Money

Updated on September 6, 2014
Fabric shavers also work great on upholstery!
Fabric shavers also work great on upholstery! | Source

Defuzz Your Fabrics

I have a Remington fabric shaver and hauled it out recently to take care of my "hairy" sofa. 

I am a buy-it and use-it forever kind of gal. I don't believe in replacing large items like sofas just because the fabric is showing some wear. So, when I noticed my Lazy Boy sofa cushions were getting a little unkempt, I decided to tidy them up!

Out came my Remington fabric shaver, which I hadn't used in quite awhile. 

Battery-Operated Fabric Shaver

After buying this shaver some sorely needed new batteries (my takes two C batteries), it was ready to go.

By the way, this model shown here takes just one AAA battery.

Easy to Use

I started on the tops of the two cushions. All of the little nubs and pills were soon history when this handy gadget's rotating blades grabbed them up and shaved them off.

As you can see, this shaver has a receptacle for catching the debris it shaves off. This is a really handy features, and it's easy to empty.

When using my fabric shaver, sometimes it stalls for a minute, and all I have to do is turn or rotate the top cover that hides the safety blades just a bit to get it to shaving again.

Versatile Fabric Shaver That Will Save You Money

This fabric shaver also works great on sweaters, pants, blouses, any article of clothing that is starting to pill. You will save money by tidying up fabrics instead of tossing the clothing.

I've also used my fabric shaver on the surface of blankets to bring back that new look to well worn pieces.

This model is small enough to tuck into your suitcase when you travel to give your clothes a freshening up as needed when you're on the go.

I can recommend the Remington brand with no reservations. I've had my fabric shaver for going on ten years now!

Keep Your Place Nice and Tidy

Keep yourself and your furniture tidy and neat with these helpful products. Lint rollers are great for presenting a professional (lint and hair free) you! Fabric shavers small enough to tuck in your bag are a great way to defuzz your clothes on the go.

Do You Defuzz Your Clothes and Furniture?

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Remember the Batteries for Your Fabric Shaver

Check out the Remington fabric shaver in action. This is really a great way to save money by helping your clothes and household items last longer.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I had one of these years ago, they really are quite useful. It kept me from looking like a fuzz-ball many times. Nice lens with helpful information. Have a great weekend!

    • gottaloveit2 profile image


      4 years ago

      Never really thought about shaving anything but my legs and, well, never mind....


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