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UpCycle Your Garden's Faded Treasures! Let's Build A Big Windchime!

Updated on October 23, 2014
SheilaSchnauzies profile image

SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Don't Toss Those Broken Windchimes!

As I made the rounds tidying up my gardens this Spring, I've collected all my garden decorations that have seen better days.

Have you purchased decorations for your garden lately? If so, you know how much even the simplest thing can cost. So why waste all that money you've invested? Let's take those faded or broken pieces and UpCycle them to something even better!!

What You Will Need

You may need any or all of these depending on your project.

- Monofilament Fishing Line 8-10 # Test

- Stretch Elastic Bead String, 1 spool, 5 mm

-Super Glue

- Regular White Glue

- Acrylic paints for touch-ups

- Paint brush

-Wire nippers

-Brass Swivels (to make objects turn, sold in fishing supplies)

-Plastic Cabone rings in various sizes (sold in crochet department)

-16 gauge Copper wire in choice of color

-All purpose cleaner that cleans glass

What Do You Think Of This Idea? - Come On, You Can Tell Me!

Do you like the idea of saving/upcycling broken garden ornaments?

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Just think... you could have a brand new decoration to beautify your garden with just a little creativity and effort!

What Do A Snail Windchime, Two Sun Pictures, A Disco Ball & A Flamingo Have In Common? - We're about to find out!

The two things they have in common are being garden art, and being relatively similar in size.

I'm planning to turn all these now-worthless objects into something pretty and useful! I have in mind a very large hanging art piece that I can hang from the tree in my "out my window" garden. (See link to that lens below). How I'll do it? I have no idea. I'm just going to dive right in! Why not go out into your gardens and see what you can find - and work right along with me!

Let's Get To Work! - Building The Framework

We're going to take a 12" brass ring and make that the main hanger for our "objects d'art."

I have a wooden top for a windchime that my son made for me. I'm going to use that, too. (You could use a 3" brass ring)

First we'll fasten copper wire to connect the top to the brass rail. You need to cut four pieces your same preferred length. Allow an extra 3" if you're taking the wire through a thick object (such as my windchime wood top). Allow an extra 5" if you're using a smaller brass ring for the top.

Fasten the end of one wire around your brass rail. Twist to secure (not too tightly, you may need to adjust it later). Run the other free end through your top piece and then through the crystal bead. Twist that to secure. I like to coil the ends of my copper wire to make it look more attractive. (See YouTube module below).

Attach each of your open ends (after the bead) to the bottom hole of your brass swivel. Coil to fasten down.

Attach a loop of wire, a ribbon, or whatever else you'd like to use for your hanger to the top hole of the swivel.

Find some pretty beads with large holes to use as "stoppers" on the top piece.

Attaching the Pieces!

Lay out your windchime (or hang it, as I do) and plan where you want each piece you're attaching to hang. Then cut a length of monofilament that length plus 3" – allowing for knots at each end. You can allow more if that makes it easier to tie the knots. You can always trim it off.

Decide if you want each individual object to spin. If you do, you'll need to attach a swivel on each one. (Tie one end of line to swivel's bottom hole and the object you're hanging. Tie another piece of line from the swivel's top loop up to the brass ring.

I think the pieces of line look pretty with a crystal or too threaded on them.

Trim your ends, hang your windchime and enjoy!

Learn To Coil Wire On YouTube!



Clean & Store It For Later!

When you find a piece of your garden art that's seen better days, clean and polish it up then store it in a nice dry box for "someday." The bonus is that if you need a part to fix something else, you'll have a place to scavenge from.

Do you collect pieces in themes? I have at least five different flamingo things. Most garden art tends to break eventually. When it does, add it to your collection. Eventually you'll have enough pieces of that theme to make something bigger.

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    • Richard1988 profile image


      4 years ago from Hampshire - England

      Cool idea for a project. I am all for up-cycling and recently turned an old fence post into a rustic chandelier (sounds bizarre I know but it looks awesome). Thanks for posting this and keep up-cycling!


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