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Fairy Statues: Gifts for Gardeners

Updated on August 29, 2017

The Rose Fairy has graced our back garden for years. Right now she's sitting in the birdbath, amid shimmers and reflections on the water.

Cast resin fairy statues can be used in many places in your yard. You can set them among plants and flowers, or as the finish of a mosaic patio. Some are made to perch daintily on the edge of a step or stone; others are poised to fly out across the lawn.

Some come in stone color that you can leave unfinished, or paint in fanciful colors. You can also glue bright glass roundels and colored rocks onto the figures, to glitter in the sun.

Fairy garden statues make lovely gifts for gardeners - or treat yourself to a shy little fay for your own yard!

[Rose Fairy pictures by Valerie Proctor Davis]

Mushroom Fairy

Beautifully detailed fairy leans on a mushroom. Notice her large eyes, her skirt of leaves, and her bracelets of flowers.

Sitting Fairy

Delicate bronze-colored fairy can sit anywhere - on a windowsill, deck railing, stump, rock, or step.

Bronze Fairy

Bronze-colored lady with autumn leaf wings perches on a branch above the toadstools.

Butterfly Ride

Zoom along on the back of a butterfly! Figurine is poised on a pillar of flowers and buds.

Fairy with Flower

Wistful fairy dressed in green leaves clutches a lily. Of whom can she be thinking?

Fairy Dust

Little girl fairy flutters her tiny wings as she sits among giant blossoms.

Our Rose Fairy - More pictures from our back yard...

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Fairies or Gnomes?

Which would you rather find peeking out of your hosta?


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