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Families Buying Smart Appliances for Home and College Students and Single Living

Updated on April 2, 2017

Buying Energy Efficient and Convenient Washers and Dryers

It is clear that families are buying smart by purchasing the right appliances for their home and college bound or single-living children. The best buys are with energy efficient appliances that have the energy star, qualified tag of approval. When families buy smart, they save on electricity and by as much as 30% out of pocket expenses per year. The federal government regulates what qualifies as an energy efficient appliance before it can take the energy star tag. Companies manufacturing these appliances have to go through rigorous procedures concerning these products to ensure that they are up to standards. These appliances must save at least 20% more than other appliances. This is why looking for the qualifying energy star appliance tag is a plus. There are many brands that carry it. So, if you are still using that old, clunker of an appliance thinking that you are saving by not buying a new one, you are mistaken. The savings from buying an energy efficient appliance is enough to pay for the appliance (or half of it) with the extra money you saved in a few year’s time. Small appliances also save for your college bound child. They are convenient, portable, and most of them are easy to use. The investment is well worth it. Those small portable washers and dryers can save you both time and money going back and forth to Laundromats, or saving up so many clothes to take home. Some mothers may like their child coming home with loads of clothes to be washed. But, I found that I was still bringing-up a child and that was putting just a little more on my plate to do. A portable washer and dryer were just the thing. They can just put a few things in ever so often and go on their way. They are light weight, easily operated, and can fit into small spaces. So, they can even put them in a small apartment or in a shared apartment with their classy roommate. Many of the portable washers do not use much water, so that won’t mess with the water bill so badly. Some of the portable dryers don’t have to be vented to the outside since not much lent comes flying from them and they don’t create as much heat. They are just good buys for the college student and maybe even for the one that is living single in an apartment with no washer or dryer hookup. You may need a way to cut the cost of going to the Laundromat. This is a smart move and I have to say that this does cut that cost and time dragging clothes from one place to the next. This can be a hassle. You have to get change constantly and try to relax around a bunch of strangers usually. If you leave the clothes, you have to make a sincere effort to get back before your clothes finish or they can be removed or stolen. So having one of your own can truly be a real convenience.


Some Brand-Names We Know

Frigidaire has a lot to offer in energy efficient appliances.
Frigidaire has a lot to offer in energy efficient appliances.
Ivation Washer with Spinner
Ivation Washer with Spinner

Other Energy Efficient Appliances

A small durable refrigerator is a good idea also. If you’re living single, why take on the whole thing if you don’t have to. They also work well in dorms when allowed. They are so much less expensive than the 15 feet or higher refrigerators and can keep the small amount you may buy for refrigerated goods. The larger the refrigerator, usually the more energy they use. Of course, you may have to turn that gallon of milk to the side, but it can fit. It depends on the setup inside of the mini-refrigerator. They also come in various sizes and brands. I had a small, compact washer and dryer and a small refrigerator when it was just me and my youngest son in a small apartment. It really helped to save and was convenient. I used the small refrigerator on the job to keep my lunch. I was so glad I had it when my large refrigerator went out on me and I needed a place to put refrigerated food products for a while at home. It came in really handy. When I got a larger refrigerator and we moved to a house with a basement. I found that the small refrigerator worked quite well in the basement. This kept us from having to run upstairs to get cold drinks when we were doing things downstairs.

There are really a lot of brands that carry the energy star seal. Among them are some of them that are well know to most of us: GE, Whirlpool, Haier, and many more brands. These appliances can be purchased in a variety of stores. You can also buy online and have them delivered anywhere you want them to go. You can shop from home and still note whether the item carries the energy star seal or tag, and see pictures of the inside and out, see the height and space it uses, savings percentage per year, color, prices, and so many other things without going from store to store looking for a deal. You can also find a deal at a store online that you wish to later go to and purchase the item. It can just save a little time if you aren’t already out there loving the bustle of going store to store. A good appliance is an energy efficient appliance and are good additions to an energy efficient conscious home front. These are good buys from the college student, the singe living person, to the single family home. Decide to buy smart with energy efficient appliances. It would really save you in the long run. Think about how much you save in a year versus just a month of savings. You can't go wrong with an energy efficient appliance.

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I am so glad this article was of some help to someone. I appreciate your comment.

    • schoolmarm profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      I want to replace my refrigerator and now I think I will look at a smaller model. I don't think I have ever filled even a quarter of it! Thanks for the good information.


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