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Fencing around tree

Updated on December 24, 2014

fencing around tree

Here's the dilemma; previous owner built a dang cinder block wall, filled backyard with dirt to raise elevation. Notice what they did when they came to the tree. Kind of an eye sore. Meanwhile, i've been replacing the entire fence and trying to make them meet from the back which is complete, to the adjoining neighbors house. I'm almost there but contending with this last portion.

Fencing around tree dilemma

Here's the deal; owner had a cinder block wall, then went around the tree with a 4 ft offset into the yard which I hate.

First Step: Knock down wall

Taking down top level of cinder block to make ground level and get rid of this "pit"

Just a wider view

Cedar fence

Step 2. Add mount - 2X4 mount

mike paget
mike paget

Adding a treated 2x4 mount against the wall with some kapton screws. Notice it's about 1" lower than the top edge of cinder block. room for 3/4" plywood

frame your mount

Added a little frame-out...using treated 2x4 of course! Will do some more on Friday...3/16/13

Add a little stain - DIY Staining

mike paget
mike paget

Olympic cedar stain 716 tone

Almost complete - Tree Face!

Near completion
Near completion

1X4 cedar trim

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