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11 Fengshui Secret Tips To Become Quick Rich

Updated on April 6, 2015

Fengshui Tips and Symbols Which Attract Luck

Feng Shui is action Chinese methods gain luck and prosperity through decorating and arrange their house. Indian use Vastu Shasta for attracts more luck to their life and Chinese use Feng Shui. Feng Shui is widely popular in all around world because of its effectiveness. Qi is the major positive or negative energy which mostly used in feng shui. Millions of people around the world use Feng shui to attract much prosperity to their life.Fen shui symbols play an important role in attracting boo fortune in home and office. For using feng shui symbols it is extremely important to understand the correct meaning and significance of these symbols. Important is to know about their correct placement in your surroundings.By using following Fengshui secret tips will enhance the positive energy in to your home and attract wealth in to your life. So try to test this tips and see the changes which come to your life.

11 Fenshui Tips

  1. Tie 3 Chinese coins with a red ribbon and put it over to your purse or hang it in your wealth corner in your home.
  2. Three Legged frog is also generate wealth so place it diagonally opposite to the door under desk.
  3. Put a good wind chime on the ceiling.
  4. Replace all slow growing plants at your home; Slow growing plants represents slow growing prosperity.
  5. Place a Picture that you want to get in Southeast corner.
  6. Start a fish tank and place it in the wealth corner. Gold fish is very good for your fish tank. If 9 goldfish of which 8 are red or gold and 1 black fish is very luck combination.
  7. Use lucky fengshui symbols to attract more wealth to your home.
  8. Keep the kitchen clean and well arranged with foods. If your cupboards filled with food that indicate you have more abundant.
  9. Put more live plant in your home and remember their leaves much look like round.
  10. Place a good crystal to energize north-west or west area of your room or home.
  11. Place a three leg toad symbol near to the main door and the position of symbol facing inward in your home.

Creating a wealth vase

To create a wealth vase, you can choose from those made of porcelain, crystal, earthen ware or pf a metal substance like bronze. Silver etc.The sketch shown here is suitable for making a wealth vase. It has a wide mouth and a slender neck. This symbolizes plenty of wealthy flowing in and once it flows down the narrow neck, stays inside the large base of the vase signifying that wealth will stay in the family for a long time. If the vase is decorated with auspicious wealth symbols such as the dragon or the red bat, it is even better. A vase that is decorated with flowers that grow throughout the year signify that your family will have wealthy and harmony throughout. You can display the wealth vase drawing room or living room.

Keep fish for wealth

If you wish to activate good fortune symbolism of fish in water, it is best to consider keeping some of the good fortune fish. These are the carp, the goldfish and the arrowana but essentially and bright colored or red fish are believed to be signs of good fortune. Always place your water feature in the southeast, the east or the north of your home, your apartment or your garden. Do not do so if these sectors happened to fall into one of your bedrooms since water in the bedroom cause losses and are not recommended .Make sure you do not mix your fish. The arrowana for instance will devour all other fish. The goldfish will have its beautiful tali fins destroyed by the carp and the arrowana simply cannot consist together.

Pair of elephants

The feng shui significance of the elephant is that it brings plenty of good fortune. Its symbolic presence in the home signifies the luck of having all wishes being granted. The ideal way of displaying the elephants and place them either inside or outside of the house and on either side of the main entrance door. The elephant is also said to be an excellent symbol for granting descendant luck the households. It’s believed that childless woman who has the image of the elephant in the bedroom will enhances of getting a male child.

Feng Shui symbols play an important role in attracting boo fortune in home and office.for using Feng Shui symbols it is extremely important to understand the correct meaning and significance of these symbols. important is to know about their correct placement in your surroundings. I am plan to post more article regarding this ancient Chinese arts in near future.


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    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 2 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Good tips. Informative and helpful. Hence shared for maximum reach. Keep on writing. All the best.